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    Today you are you, that's truer than true. There is no one alive that's youer than you. ~Dr. Seuss
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  1. Hey there, how's it going? :D

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    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      I suppose so. I'm in the Army now, so it's more like marching along. :P

      How about yourself? How are things?

    3. icyfire


      Oh wow! Congrats! How long have you been doing that for (if you do not mind me asking)?


      Good! Still working hard as a student. All that fun stuff. I haven't watched MLP in agessss. 

    4. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Well, I signed up way back in April I think. I shipped out in September to Fort Sill, OK for my basic combat training, which lasted until late November. Then I moved to Fort Huachuca, AZ for my advanced training, which I'm still doing. If all goes well, I'll be done with training by April of this year. :3

      I haven't seen MLP for a while either. I heard the movie came out, but haven't gotten a chance to see it yet. :/

  2. Hey Lunar! It has been a while. How are you?

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    2. icyfire


      Oh! Job searching can be fun. I hope that is going well for you ^.^

      Yeah. For sure. I'm still in season six :adorkable:. How about you? The people on the forums are definitely why I am still here. 

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Season Six/Seven, but am watching them out of order at this point, can't tell where am at.

      Oh yes, been attending weekly meetups with a job finding company, it's helpful.

      It's good to start seeing people like you again, It's so nice to see old friends again.

    4. icyfire


      Haha. That is fair. 


      Yeah! It is nice to be able to chat with you again too. Glad to know you are still around. 

  3. DAHHH I did not see this till just now! She is adorable! I will post my work as soon as I get this mane done. I'm having a real hard time with it! Thanks again!
  4. Nice job! They look great!
  5. Hey Twi, I know you are a little crazy right now, but could you please... not kill me? I like books?
  6. Hello Spacey! Your art looks amazing! I would love to art trade with you! Could you maybe draw my OC Icyfire sitting down reading a book or sleeping? Thanks for your consideration! ~icy
  7. That is cool! I will PM you some of the projects I have been part of. Don't want to fill poor PrincessofCompassion's Art request/trade up with chatting!
  8. awww! Thank you! It was drawn by MyLilPegisister (http://mylilpegasister.deviantart.com/). I really like your OC's different coloured eyes!
  9. Awesome! I would love it if you could draw my OC Icyfire: Just as a note, It takes me about one - three weeks to complete an art trade. Is that alright with you?
  10. Hey PrincessOfCompassion! I would love to do an art trade with you! dA page in discription. Let me know if you are interested!
  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. you wouldn't happen to know of or places to find useful tips on drawing things with an orange tinge to make it look like its afternoon would you? .3.

    1. icyfire


      Hm. I do not. I'll let you know if I run across something though!

    2. Snow


      take your time ^^ i'm still only planing the work and my tablet isnt even back yet, thanks again!

    3. icyfire
  13. I have a kitty! She is pretty cute. Same!