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  1. @Feather Spiral Sounds awesome! I'll add it to the post!
  2. I believe in you! Also ping me if you'd like suggestions on how to say it.
  3. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450708/the-fluffiest-invasion
  4. @Sepul-Coloratura Well, I don't know about you, but I am amused. I didn't expect the song to be a trick, so good job there - I confidently walked right into it. On the other hand, the song I posted was, in fact, an oldie, and I didn't really expect that degree of analysis. Namely, it was released in 1990, during the initial rise of electronic music, and actually enjoyed a period of semi-popularity {never made the top of the charts, but hovered around them for a while}. So, uh... does that mean that someone else can post a song for everyone to guess now, since we both missed?
  5. I suppose my ideal afterlife would be something akin to the Optimalverse. Just, y'know, without the cannibalization of real world.
  6. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450846/fahreneigh-451
  7. What can you tell us about music therapy?
  8. @Sepul-Coloratura Oh, and I'm going to guess... that it's actually fairly recent. The casual mention of hyperspeed in the lyrics makes it seem like that it's far removed from the sixties and seventies the cover image is reminiscent of. The sound quality is also fairly good, with the vinyl crackle and other imperfections actually seeming a little too perfect to be natural. The loud, eclectic style is also becoming more and more of a thing than it used to be even a decade ago, mostly thanks to the increasing accessibility of tools for making art, musical and otherwise. So, I'm going to go with.... 2018 or thereabouts?
  9. @Emerald Heart Deduction time. Angry Birds got its fame as being the first popular game on iOS, probably due to being the first of its kind not programmed in Flash, which iOS didn't support. Following the trends, it's likely the song was written and made during the game's rise to fame, probably within a year since the game's initial release before the novelty burnt out. This is also supported by the graphics, both of the game itself and the animation, which lack the pizzazz of newer animation techniques. Plus, the video shows an iPhone as part of an ad, and since it has a fairly old-looking design {no fingerprint-reading home button}, definitely puts the song past the five-year mark. So, with that in mind, I'd say the song pretty much matches the release of iPhone, give or take twelve months. Which... I don't actually know off the top of my head and, will make an educated guess {iPad 2 was still a thing in 2013 , and I think iPads came after iPhones} and say 2010.
  10. They seem just a little bit small.
  11. Quinch

    The Bargain

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  13. Quinch


    Hey hey, welcome back to the party! Introductory question... hmmmm, let's see, why Rainbow Dash?
  14. What do seapony math teachers wear? Algae bras.
  15. Quinch

    The Virus

    Well, I do consider it something to at least be concerned about. While it may not be as deadly as previous epidemics, the fact that it's a lot more infectious means that, as a matter of statistics, at least the same amount of people stand to die. It will likely also cause a major strain on medical facilities and support, and weak and elderly are still at a pretty big risk. Hell, Italy is pretty much hosed right now with the number of victims so far. Basically, quantity is a quality unto itself and a zergy virus can be as dangerous as a potent one.
  16. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/452784/pony-peace-is-dragon-war-diplomatic-dragon-noises-included
  17. How do you feel about aircraft ponies?
  18. I wish we got more stuff out of it. The premise had a lot of promise. No pun regretted. I don't think I'd call Terraria underrated. Starbound on the other hand, while kind of okayish as vanilla, has an absolutely stupendous amount of mods of varying sizes and impact that gives it the kind of content variety and depth most AAA games can only dream of. Including a mod with ponies/changelings/anthroponies.
  19. Honestly, it's the bland narration that was the low point for me - fortunately the rest of the cast picked up the slack {Vinnie Gognitti as his agent? Hilarious!} That said, the gameplay was pretty simplistic and kinda boring, and once you got through the story and the pieces fell into place, there wasn't much reason to replay it. The dialogue writing needed some work, but the story and setting was definitely far less patronizing than the original. To say nothing of the.... interesting party composition. I just wish we got a proper ending/sequel rather than the studio getting fired as soon as production wrapped up. However, for anyone who enjoys emotional rollercoasters mixed with Final Fantasy-styled gameplay, it's a huge recommendation. Oh god yes. I picked it up late, so I don't know if there were any major bugs at the start {the worst I found, I think, was loading from a checkpoint sometimes cleared the enemies from previous/current area, and mouse acceleration issues} but the game had an absolutely preposterous level of detail when it came to the choice-making part of the whole RPG aspect of the game. Honestly, my biggest - and possibly only significant - gripe about the game was the stupidly vague approach to the Dialogue Wheel Of Fortune that seemed to be taking hold in the game industry at the time.
  20. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/448144/nothing-old-can-stay