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  1. Yep, back when I was younger. In retrospect.... sweet troll jegus, is the message terrible or what?
  2. I'm pretty sure she'd find some way to make them look classy.
  3. I woke up from a pleasant-ish sleep where I was dreaming I was Jesus {and having no clue what to do about it} to the sounds of hail.

    Now I'm just listening to the sounds of rain, thunder and annoyed crows.

    It's quite nice, actually.

  4. I like Commodore-64 game music remixes, especially if they take an odd turn.
  5. Happy birthday, smart horse!

  6. Congratulations on another lap around the local star!

  7. Well, shit man. I hope you feel better by now. If not... well, tell me if I can help.
  8. I've read the fic Friendship is Optimal the other day and... well, let's just say it had an effect on me. The story is here, but I should mention that I found it... kinda horrifying, among other things. So, be warned if you plan to read it, and if you're already familiar with it, read the stuff below let me know what you think. I already posted it in the comments section of the story itself, but I could use different perspectives.