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  1. I might just make something fresh - the QuinchOC is something I have on a backburner because I have a different arc direction planned for him, I kinda gave up on playing Sweet Comfort since I can't pull off the insight/empathy she's focused around and Drakontipa would be far more of a liability than anything. I'm thinking maybe one of those sharkguys from Klugetown? Should be a fun experiment.
  2. Y'know what? Yeah, I'm in. It's time to dust off the roleplaying cobwebs and this seems like a good enough a start.
  3. Hi everyone! I just wanna mention that I've take then liberty of shamelessly whoring out submitting the reading to EqD and it got included in the Nightly Roundup. And a final quickie mention, if anyone wants to chip in with Fahreneigh 451, let me know as I'll probably start recording any unclaimed roles sometime this week.
  4. Become a workaholic boxer. I'm afraid of waffles.
  5. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/453964/trixies-great-and-powerful-adventure
  6. I find it interesting how this and the previous polls are pretty close.
  7. You can try Amber Ashes, which is a spinoff - it's how I heard of SotS, though I need to actually get started on it.
  8. Insert Cadence "Am I a joke to you?" meme.
  9. This seems vaguely appropriate; https://thefump.com/music/lyrics/snoopy-the-dogg
  10. I'd say City of Heroes.... BUT WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!
  11. Quinch

    The Rain

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  13. Welp, that's cute. What's the story with the little fangs?
  14. Oh, hiya! Sorry, this project already went up a little while ago. That said, if you're interested in future projects, I don't mind the accent at all.
  15. I think fish-shaped bread is a thing in some parts of Asia.
  16. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/445812/nothing-but-the-tooth
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  18. Off the top of my head, the Super Butt Hug, if only for Applejack's nonplussed reaction.
  19. {do you have an assortment or should I just make one up?}
  20. Found on your outings... interesting phrasing, especially since those don't tend to go lying around like gems are. So... burglars, tomb raiders...? {time to be awesome a bit of a pest, hehe}
  21. What do you sell here?
  22. So, if alicorns are aliens, how does Cadence factor into this? Or Flurry Heart?
  23. -cough- -cough cou-GAK- -COUGH cough HACK cOUgH wheeze- -gggaaaaaasssspppppp- -cough pant cough- -passes out-