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  1. Quinch

    i want comments Glimmering Paradox + Banner Edition

    Hehe, I like it. I wish we could see a bit more of pre-reformation Starlight, as an evil misguided mastermind she was really quite interesting.
  2. If you think you can change my mind I'd love to discuss it!
  3. Quinch

    Should Gay Ponies be allowed?

    Well, yeah, the fandom ships inanimate objects given half the chance.
  4. Quinch

    Should Gay Ponies be allowed?

    Pretty sure that's still very much a fanon thing - Slice of Life kinda made a point of telling us they're just friends.
  5. Quinch

    Season 9 Bingo - Better than Sudoku

    Welp, I'm game! But no smacktalking Sudoku.
  6. Quinch

    Sci-Twi: Love Her Or Hate Her?

    Hehe, no problem! Also, welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  7. Quinch

    Sci-Twi: Love Her Or Hate Her?

    You do realize you can create a poll with the topic, right? {also, I'm ambivalent}
  8. I've seen Frozen... hmm, about a month ago, and Tangled the other day. Frozen, on one hand, isn't bad, not by a long shot, but it was still kinda forgettable. @Twilight Lunabrings up a good point how it worked around some of the usual Disney tropes, but the story suffered despite, or maybe because of that. We've got double the princesses, double the villains, a ton of songs... but none of those really stand out. The Weaseltown dude is just kinda phoned in, Bait and Switch could have been interesting if we got more time with him - there's too many characters being juggled so the soup is too thin to care about any of them. Likewise with the songs - I think there's at least a half-dozen of them in the movie, but I can only remember the song and... something about a fixer-upper? Tangled, on the other hand, is a lot more tightly written. We've got our trio of main characters - Rapunzel, Flynn and the witch, with a bunch of fun supporting characters that don't overstay their welcome. Not as many songs, but they stick out a lot more, though presentation also helps a lot. Not to mention Mother Knows Best pretty much seals her as a villain I just loved to hate. Plus the comedy is on point, especially the physical aspects.
  9. Quinch

    Green Cider Day

    My favourite food? Baklava, no questions asked.
  10. Quinch

    Should Gay Ponies be allowed?

    Well, yes. Mind you, it is a cartoon and I doubt Hasbro would be willing to make it canon as long as they want FIM to be a thing in countries that frown on non-heteronormalcy. A question in return, though - other than the aforementioned business one, what would be a reason for opposing same-gender relationships in children's shows?
  11. Quinch

    Gaming What game made you rage quit?

    I think the only one I can actually think of would be Them's Fighting Herds. Interestingly enough, it's not the fault of the game or, for that matter, the people who play it. Instead, the reason it ticks me off so much is that the few people who currently play it got insanely good at it so that every time I do fire it up... well, this happens.
  12. Happy birthday! Possibly!

  13. Quinch

    Theory: Spike's biological father

    Hmmm.... well, on one hand, one could discount it as simply a made-up story, but it would be cool if it turned to be real.
  14. Quinch

    Movies/TV Worst kids show, in your humble opinion?

    Eh, I like it. All my roommates like it. If it wasn't popular, they wouldn't keep cranking out an episode a week. {it's a very aggressive schedule}
  15. Quinch

    Ask Anuska

    Have you/would you eat stereotypical raw fish sushi?
  16. Quinch

    Ask Anuska

    What's your favourite food?
  17. Quinch

    EQTV Movie Night

    Ooh, I'd be up for Mr. Rogers.
  18. Quinch

    starcircuit here !

    Greetings, fellow Best Pony Appreciator! Welcome to the party!
  19. Yeah, but on the other hand, that's just their initial encounter - they proceed to join forces to stop the Foot Clan and the Gotham villains.
  20. So, here's a point for discussion - they're obviously going to work together, so why the "vs"?
  21. Quinch

    Movies/TV Worst kids show, in your humble opinion?

    I'd go with the 3D version of Inspector Gadget. Pretty much humorless, not to mention I've seen more convincing emoting on a Ford assembly line.
  22. Quinch

    Spike the savage

    Oh geeze man, he's a straight-up monster.
  23. Quinch

    My two cents on the ending of MLP: FiM

    Man... It's been a ride, hasn't it?
  24. Quinch

    Ask Smallestia

    In a small cafe, long after bedtime, you spot a small porcelain figure sitting on a table. Slightly odd as that might be, it's less odd than the fact that it seems to be sipping - awkwardly - from a mug about half its size. Cocoa, by the smell of it. She gives you a cautious wave. "Er. Hello. Yes, hello!"
  25. Quinch

    Ask Smallestia

    -scratches the back of her head. It's a... weird sound- "Smallestia. Not princess, obviously. I think it's obvious? Maybe it's not, I'm not sure actually. But yeah, it's... this is me. Would you like some cocoa?"