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  1. Like furries, some of them do. A valid statement - but could you elaborate? There are various branches of the furry fandom - some place a lot more focus on specific works. Personally, I think Bronies could qualify as furries. Here's the thing - in any fandom, there's a great degree of variety as far as how much that fandom is expressed. For example, I'd consider myself a furry - I don't have a fursona, I'm not much of a part of any community that specifically labels itself as furry, but I think cartoon animals are groovy. Likewise, My Little Pony does revolve around anthropomorphic animals - while they may not all be physically human-like, they exhibit most human-like traits in mentality and behavior.
  2. I am soooo envious of your voice. And way you use it. Ahwell. It's something to aim for! Keep up the good work!
  3. Have you ever thrown your pillow at someone? Have you ever thrown something else at someone {tossing doesn't count}?
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  6. Hiya! What's the thing you like most about yourself?
  7. I might be able to squeeze it in... if I crib a screenshot.
  8. It would be nice if we could give our badges to other users.
  9. Well, I sent my answers in... in a manner of speaking. This is definitely the most effort I've put into a trivia quiz to date. And for anyone who's had to grade my answers, yes, that sentence is as worrisome as it sounds.
  10. Definitely having trouble with seven as well. Can I get a hint from someone, possibly episode name? I can also trade or provide hints or answers for anyone who might be having trouble with others.
  11. Well, the main community site for City of Heroes has been handed over to the most untrustworthy pile of broom-chuggers this world has had the misfortune to spawn.

    F*** this day. But also, I guess it was also inevitable.

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    Well then... Who is John Galt?! are you?
  13. Quick check, in order to avoid repeats - who is originally in the last window?
  14. Welp. That took.... four hours. Geeze. Le review! --- So, here we are, Dragon Dropped. An episode in which Spike and Rarity's relationship... moves on. Or, in a manner of speaking, moves forward. The episode begins with Rarity dropping in on Spike for a impromptu gem cave raid and, apparently for the first time ever, Spike... doesn't acknowledge her. I might say ignore, but that's not quite true, as he seems preoccupied writing a letter to notice her, something that will come into play later. I didn't realize it at first, but that's actually a very appropriate situation given the premise this episode dives into. But I'll swing back to that in a moment. I'm not sure how to feel about how I feel about Rarity being thrown so much by this. Given her reaction, this might conceivably be the first time she didn't command his undivided attention whenever she wanted it, and looking back, I can't remember a time when she didn't. So, quick recap, Rarity thinks she'd upset Spike somehow, tries to apologize, realizes he actually has an interest in someone else, tries to force things back into status quo, it doesn't work and then they kiss. Wait, they don't? Boo. So, over the years, I've seen a lot of criticism leveled against Rarity and Spike's relationship and, while I can see where it's coming from, I do think it's misplaced. Consider what Rarity says in the gem cave - that as far as she's known him, he's never turned down an opportunity to join her there. Consider the way she phrases it - she doesn't complain about him refusing to help her, but she views those trips as something both of them enjoy, or at least benefit from. And while she unfairly chews out Applejack for not being Spike - something our favourite element of honesty doesn't hesitate to point out - given the situation, I can't blame her for misdirected frustration. But I'll swing back to that in a moment. Let's clear out the obvious thing first - Spike has a crush on Rarity. Rarity doesn't have a crush on Spike. They both know this - the issue was put to bed as far back as Secret of My Excess. And the criticism I most frequently see about those two is that, if Rarity doesn't return his feelings, he should simply cut her loose and, if need be, pursue someone who will. And I don't really agree with that philosophy. There's nothing wrong with one-sided affection, provided that all parties are honest about it, and with each other. To say otherwise is to imply... that reciprocity is owed. If someone doesn't care for you as much as you care for them, in the same way you care for them, they don't deserve it. It puts the burden on the recepient, rather than accepting that feelings can exist on their own. And if you don't agree, then I invite you to defend Zephyr Breeze. No, I mean it. I'd love to see an argument made about that. And here's the thing - Spike enjoys spending time with Rarity for its own sake. Even though he's well aware that, romantically, nothing will likely come of it, he does take enjoyment - one might even say pleasure - from helping her, and it's unlikely that Rarity is unaware of that because, as a socialite, let alone a businessperson, she's shown she knows how to read others - when she does. But I'll swing back to that in a moment. Actually, make that now. I've often seen Rarity accused of being inconsiderate - being blase about misfortune happening around her, or for that matter, the discomfort she creates via steamrolling others with her plans, but it's helpful to remember that, reaching as far back as Sonic Rainboom, Rarity's biggest enemy has always been tunnel vision. It's a trait she shares with Twilight, in fact, but whereas Twilight will often... well, Twilight about how to do things perfectly, Rarity is a lot more goal-driven - rather than try to see the whole picture and lose the detail, when faced with either a goal or a problem, she will often design a solution quickly and pursue it with single-minded focus. This actually meshes well with her background - as a business and a craftspony, she's often in a situation where she has to make snap decisions that don't really allow for second-guessing. If it turns out she'd made a mistake and things go awry, she'll focus on fixing that instead. The interesting thing about this episode is that, rather than dedicating the entire plot to a single case, it actually gives us a tour of various tunnels - she sees a problem with the change in Spike's behaviour, so she talks to Twilight about it. She wants to ask Spike about it - going to the source - but Spike isn't available, whereas Twilight is. Twilight offers the possibility that she did something to offend or upset Spike, and that's where our tunnels switch. Spike being upset with her is a possibility, which makes it *the* possibility, and it also has the added allure of being something she can immediately act upon to resolve. If you did something to hurt another person, then the way to solve it is to offer a genuine apology and try to make it right. This actually helps explain Rarity's dismissal of the whole "what are you apologizing for" issue - with her attention completely focused on the act of apology, there's simply no available real estate to consider anything outside of the immediate goal. Oddly enough, though, it also speaks somewhat of her own self-awareness - like she says to Twilight, she can't think of anything she would have done to upset Spike - which turns out to be true - but she's also aware that she *might* have done something to upset him anyway and simply not have realized it. She focuses her attention outward - towards Spike and his feelings - rather than give in to the urge to insist to herself that, since she doesn't remember doing anything wrong, she must not have and the fault lies elsewhere. Rather than blame others, or circumstance, she instead doesn't hesitate to blame herself. But, as it turns out, Spike is just fine and he has a new friend - Gabby! And her reaction is interesting - it obviously comes as a shock, an uprooting of a dynamic they've had for years. And, judging from her expression, it's something she tries to be happy about, even if she fails to - blatantly so. A couple of scenes later, our train switches tracks again as Rarity realizes just how much she'd been taking Spike's company for granted. By that, I don't mean his assistance, or Spike himself - in the past, I don't remember her ever dismissing or belittling him, and her flashback at the spa doesn't even involve him helping, rather than the two simply spending time together. So after Fluttershy suggests that maybe she should let him know how grateful she is for his help, that becomes our new goal. It's also interesting to note the way Fluttershy puts it - she doesn't suggest that he might be feeling un-appreciated, but rather a visible gesture of appreciation. The former could easily be interpreted as an obvious guilt trip, which would be a bit out of Fluttershy's personality, where the latter puts it more as a well-deserved gift. On the other hand, I wonder how it would pan out of that was intentional on Flutteshy's part - a sort of double reacharound passive aggressive gambit. It would certainly add an interesting take on Flutterbutter if seen through the lens of a master manipulator. And this is the part where things get complex. Rarity takes Spike to things he is certain to enjoy - the tour of the Gem Crevasse, the Power PonyPalooza and a game of O&O - each of these perfectly tailored to things she knows he enjoys. But it also severely cuts into his time with Gabby, and this is something I do believe she's aware of this time - when the Gem Crevasse outing is initially rejected in favour of Gabby, she does make a show of not being happy about the refusal. Despite generosity and thoughtfulness, she is still a proud pony who is used to getting things her way, whether it be through charm or hard work, and it would probably sting twice as hard coming from someone whose undivided attention she'd been accustomed to for this long. It's actually a very nice bit of consistency showing that, for better or worse, personality traits still have their momentum that's not easy to overcome. Gabby, ultimately, doesn't help matters either, but I also can't help but sympathise. In a way, Spike has become a commodity - both Gabby and Rarity want to spend time with him and, barring another ill-fated trip to the Mirror Pool, there's only so much of him to go around. Rarity's focus-goal is to draw Spike back to her via thoughtful gifts - as usual, the "why" or the broader picture have been swept away in the process. Gabby, on the other hand, wants to spend as much time as she can with what might conceivably be her only friend, but she also hesitates to speak up about it. It makes me wonder if that hesitation might relate to the griffons' stereotypical greed and selfishness - she might feel that fighting to get her Spike Time would reinforce that stereotype that she's trying to distance herself from. And Spike, of course, is oblivious to the friction between the two. The O&O session is where it all comes to a head where she finds Spike, uh... cheating on her with Rarity. And while I again sympathise with Gabby, Spike didn't lie or mislead her in any way - recuperating from spending a day walking around a con by playing a tabletop game is as much work as resting from a twelve-hour shift at a construction site by playing video games. Which is to say, pretty much none at all. So, Gabby has her jealous outburst and mic-drops outta there. Spike lets it happen without a word because growing wings apparently comes a few years before growing a spine. And Rarity misses it all because she has her face buried in her character sheet and an inherent -18 to situational awareness. I suppose it makes sense. Between the unicorn, the griffon and mostly-grounded dragon, they have a full team for a game of idiot-buckball. And so, we round back to status quo, except not really. So, with Gabby cutting herself out of the picture, Rarity has Spike all to herself again. That being said, she still seems unaware of what she's done - she casually asks Spike if he'd managed to reconcile with Gabby, completely oblivious of her own role in the debacle. The goal is accomplished - she gets to spend time with Spike again - and all of the peripheral events are out of focus again. But because, again, she cares about Spike, rather than simply what he does for her, she does quickly realize that something is amiss. Ultimately, however, it takes Twilight to make her look at the bigger picture. This is actually a frequent theme with Rarity episodes, or at least ones where Rarity is the instigator of the conflict - it often takes a strong outside force to shift her focus, usually when the consequences have climaxed. Rarity admits that she had to resort to underhanded means to get any of Spike's attention, but only then realizes that she'd been monopolizing it at Gabby's expense. I would argue, however, that she knew this from the beginning - but at the same time, wasn't aware of it. You may have heard the words "cognitive dissonance" - a feeling that a person gets when they try to hold multiple thoughts or views that exclude each other, a kind of "there's something wrong" that's often hard to pin down, usually when making a decision or following through with it - pushing you both towards and away from the decision you *want* to make. Rarity wanted to spend as much time with Spike as she could, and that meant taking time away from Gabby, but because she really wanted both to be with Spike and to be a good person, but if she made Gabby sad by taking Spike away, she wouldn't be a good person - so consideration of Gabby got pushed out of focus. Desire is a powerful thing, and it influences our thoughts a lot more than we realize. So, Rarity comes to terms with having to share Spike, and this could have been the end of the episode... but we had to get our final gem. "I'll always still want my Rarity time." A handful of words. And soooo much meaning. It's been easy to forget after the avalanche of Raridrama, but this is where we began. Throughout this whole episode, we've seen that Spike's entire universe no longer stops revolving when Rarity calls. He's not dependent on her - he never was - but she'd always acted as an interrupt for his attention whenever she wanted it. And in the beginning, it seemed like he did finally cut her loose - dropped his affections, his entire romance, and focused, in a Rarity-like way, on Gabby. And I won't argue, they're cute together. But with that line, he shows that he still cares about Rarity. He wants to spend time together with her. But after they've been through so much together, through thick and thin, through highs and lows, for both of them, he no longer places her on a pedestal. He likes her, and yes, I'm sure it's romantically too, but he's grown to see her as a person, not an idol. It's all right to idolize someone, honestly, but it's not something that's good in the long term - people are people, and they have their virtues and flaws. If recognizing that they exist diminishes the affection, let alone ends it, then one's never really loved the person, just a fantasy built around select pieces of them. And likewise, if one cares as much for the person itself, after one sees them as they really are, then it can only grow that much stronger for being grounded in reality. I know we'll never see how Sparity turns out. But you can't stop me from being optimistic.
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    -points at your pince-nez- What's your prescription?
  16. I rather liked this episode - it hits a few things that are obvious in hindsight, reaffirms certain aspects of Rarity's personality {and not in a bad way} and gives Spike some nice development when it comes to his relationship with her. I might even go so far as to write a review. Maybe. If I can clean up my thoughts on it enough for something publishable.
  17. That's why you type it, silly! Question, though, does the art itself have to be our own, or can we use existing images to create the design?
  18. Hiya! Sadly, I have to say I probably wouldn't be able to contribute to this fic, as my voice is... rather male and all the roles available are female. Feel free to let me know if you could use someone like that later on, though.
  19. May I ask everyone on this morning to join us in prayer. Our Rarity, who art in Carousel, Hallowed be thy designs, Thy boutiques open, Thy work be featured, In magazines as they are in galas. Give us this day our fainting couch, And forgive us our poor color choices, As we forgive those who assault our eyes, And lead us not into kitsch, But deliver us from unoriginality. Squee.
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    If you made a Reboot OC, what would their episode opening speech be?
  21. I think we can knock the downtime down to three.
  22. By the by, if anyone would like their letter read, I'm available as well.