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Blog Comments posted by Quinch

  1. Quote

    Leaders emerge as a reflection of the whole. The potential for anything is always there, but the whole chooses what to support.
    A good leader is first and foremost not a commander, but a teacher and student. Then respect is not commanded, but earned. Through wisdom. Through a natural understanding of what matters. That is inner strength.

    This is a great way to put it. I've seen too many "leaders", both fictional and in real life, who mistook leadership for the idea of control, and failed miserably at both.

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  2. Yes, a while back.
    Yes, I did, mostly


    The gameplay was frustrating as hell {maybe because I didn't realize that hey, I can respawn for cheap!} but I loved how many layers of opposition there were between SHODAN and the Many. Individuality vs. collective, organic vs. mechanical and instinct vs. ambition off the top of my head. And of course, you being not entirely either, you're considered "impure" by both sides.