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  1. Quinch

    Animation Long Gone Gulch

    It looks... interesting. A bit rough around the edges, but that's pretty much standard for any pilot episode. All and all, though, I'm surprised this hasn't been more visible, especially in the wake of other independent animation projects.
  2. I'd say it's worth watching. It's not revolutionary, it's mainly light adventure with worldbuilding so adjust your expectations accordingly - but all in all, it's pretty consistent with the tone of the show and about on par with the quality.
  3. Well, I used to use these - Unfortunately, they fell apart - they seem to have a bit of a structural design flaw and the hinges wreck the frame. They're currently waiting for a warrenty replacement {Logitech has good customer service, I'll give them that}. So in the meantime I'm using... It's... painful. Also literally. {I'm also waiting for a pair of Status CB-1s, but that will be a couple of weeks}
  4. You can also paste images directly from the clipboard. {on a tangential note, hitting windows-shift-s will open the snipping tool so you can take snapshots of specific parts of your screen and any images on them, and they go straight to the clipboard}
  5. Well, in a hypothetical situation where I'd have to carry a full grown Cakeicorn up the stairs, I might be able to do that... but her approval might depend on whether she prefers comfortableness or the manliness of the fireman's carry.
  6. Quinch

    Bat Ponies Fanclub

    A bit late, but here's one!
  7. Since it seems to be a growing {or at least a fairly grown thing}, what do you think about it? For those who haven't heard of it, or don't know much about it, the short version is that it relies on cutting out sugars and carbohydrates out of one's diet entirely and forces the body into what's called ketosis, essentially a fat-burning mode, even if you were to on go on an exclusive diet of butter and bacon. Any personal experiences? Opinions?
  8. Probably not, self-preservation impulses would kick in no matter what my emotional state might be.
  9. Half of its occupants. {also it's next to a noisy street}
  10. The first pun? Pretty much immediately. The second pun? That I had to read about.
  11. A mogwai. The ultimate test of responsibility.
  12. Dang, nice! Also, teenagers are legally obligated to dislike what their parents like. Some reject that rule, but they run the risk of having their cool license revoked if they're found out.
  13. "As the princess of friendship, when I'm not dropping the ball, I'm dropping the BASS!"
  14. Hmmm... I'd say Homestuck, though I hadn't really left it as sort of drifted away during one of the larger pauses. I do hope to find the time to get back to it someday, though.
  15. Heh. I'm interested but... I'm only familiar with TNG and not too deeply at that, I'm afraid.
  16. I imagine us thoroughly spoken for ones.
  17. Everyone but the first person to use it would turn into idiots. ...there's pretty good odds they're one to begin with, tho.
  18. Quinch

    Ask Galia (OC)

    Did you make any new friends yet?
  19. Quinch

    Ask Galia (OC)

    How old were you when you moved to Ponyville? Was it difficult to leave Griffonstone behind?
  20. Quinch

    Ask Galia (OC)

    Where do you live? Do you like it there?
  21. Quinch

    Ask Galia (OC)

    What species are you?
  22. Quinch

    General Media Favorite Mute Characters?

    Pat and Mat.
  23. Quinch

    Share & Scare

    This was my work costume yesterday;
  24. As for the topic title, I'm not sure - maybe because that's the setting? That said, the setting is pretty much the reason I couldn't get into it.
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