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  1. It's pouring rain outside. Not a storm, with lightning and thunder and stuff, just steady heavy rain. It's relaxing. We haven't had one like this in a while.

    1. EpicEnergy


      I'm glad it's relaxing for you. :fluttershy:

  2. @Jesse Terrence Anything in particular that bothered you?
  3. Well, I was amused. Best Princess takes the cake, Best Horse takes the performance.
  4. Hmmm, while it's never really come up, I'm leaning towards having Quinch be ace.
  5. No Commodore? Pfffffttt, youngsters.
  6. So help me, he looks like he's condescendingly explaining something to another kaiju, complete with air quotation marks.
  7. Well, my tooth keeps hurting, so there's that, and my appointment to yank it out is over a week away.
  8. How did you get your cutie marks?
  9. If someone screams "FIRE!!" do you call the fire department or beeline* toward the shiny light? *no pun regretted
  10. Ye- ...actually I still need to see Buckball Season.
  11. --- You made it to work with two seconds to spare.
  12. --- You're wistfully looking outside at the rain on a summer evening.
  13. Yeah, some fighting games makes you do some ridiculous calisthenics to pull off special moves. TFH tends to be a lot more straightforward. That said, laptop keyboard... yowch. Getting a basic controller of some sort might be a good idea after all, and it would probably be a lot more practical than a separate keyboard.
  14. I don't seem to have much trouble with it, and stuff I hear from the Steam forums makes it sound that it might actually be easier than with a controller due to an absence of crazy circles and pretzel inputs and so on. That said... the AI is really wonky, with blocking and reaction times being all over the place, so I wouldn't judge your skill by playing against the computer. That said, a lot of inputs do depend on quick, precise presses, so the mantra of practice, practice, practice applies here quite heavily. I've been playing for a while and only now am I starting to climb out of the buttonmashing pit.
  15. "Pinkie Pie: She is the silliest pony you'll ever meet and the bakery owner, cupcake expert, and party planner of Sugarcube Corner." ...did the Cakes end up having a sudden yet inevitable "accident"?
  16. What about Hanazuki? I mean, what even happened to it? It was on YouTube for a while and then just sort of disappeared?
  17. Sure is! -holds up battery clamps-
  18. It's the only thing that keeps her sane.
  19. But were you hypnotized by Josh Haber to say this?
  20. They are very proud of themselves, true, but self-esteem doesn't have to preclude affection and esteem for others.
  21. Here's the thing about their constant competitiveness - they're competing about things both of them are proud to be good at. So if you take away that filter of rivalry, you end up seeing that all the things each of them is proud to embody are also things they would respect and appreciate in the other. So essentially, a byproduct of their constant one-upmanship is that they're always seeing each other at their best.