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Status Updates posted by Quinch

  1. If this is anxiety, I am not a fan.

  2. I woke up from a pleasant-ish sleep where I was dreaming I was Jesus {and having no clue what to do about it} to the sounds of hail.

    Now I'm just listening to the sounds of rain, thunder and annoyed crows.

    It's quite nice, actually.

  3. Happy birthday, smart horse!

  4. Congratulations on another lap around the local star!

    1. McFlurryHeart



  5. I just finished reading Friendship is Optimal.

    Jesus CHRIST that's going to haunt my dreams.

  6. What would Maud Pie's superhero name be? Faultline is taken, Rocktologist would be funny but... not her style, I think, right now I have Terra Firmator, but I don't like it all that much.


  7.  [Looking For Group] Agent Sweetie Drops: [Lv27 Blaster] Three spots on a Croatoa team! *Any* AT or level is welcome, we're pretty well-rounded it seems.
    [Looking For Group] Anon: Holy shit, a talking horse !
    [Looking For Group] Agent Sweetie Drops: [Lv27 Blaster] That information is classified!
    [Looking For Group] Anon: Please tell Lyra to stop breaking and entering my house at night to lick my hands.
    [Looking For Group] Agent Sweetie Drops: [Lv27 Blaster] I'm not going to deny her simple pleasures, thank you very much.
    [Looking For Group] Eldritch Horror: That wasnt Lyra...

    Ahh, CoH...

  8. Every time I enter my SG base and see the "upgrade plot" button, I giggle inside.


  9. Streaming CoH. Come watch me try to tank way more enemies than I can handle.


  10. I am so incredibly pissed right now.

    But I'm also not certain if that response is valid.

    I don't like uncertainty.

  11. Happy weekend. Any big plans for today?

    1. TheRockARooster


      Um.... hello.

      Not really today, gonna relax.

      I went to a wrestling show, last night.

  12. Happy birthday! Possibly!

  13. Silly concept character made.

    Ask thread made.

    Signature updated into something... not completely broken.

    Tags for readings MP3s updated.

    I've been awake for about an hour and a half. This is more productive than most days I've had lately.

  14. Should I bother redoing my signature with links to stuff that I do/did/whatever or leave it as is - meaning kinda messy and broken?

  15. Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gif for you?

    Yeah, I can't unhear it now. And it seems... oddly appropriate too.

  16. So, I've started recording fics and I could use some input. I seem to be hitting a consistency issue - when I read and switch between characters or narrator, I noticed, when I review the reading, that I don't really sound the same throughout. So, I'm wondering if it would be a worthwhile idea to record all characters separately - read all lines from the narrator, then read all the lines from character X, then character Y, etc. It would probably involve a lot more after-the-fact editing, but it might also help a higher-quality performance. Anyone have experience or insight about this idea?

  17. Here's a recording of one of yesterday's Golden Oak readings, for anyone curious and/or awake at this time of night. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkCbmKmmPRt8kWaaFBmtpbDxAcgJ

  18. -ker-smacks-


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sparklefan1234


      *Hugs anyway*



    3. Quinch
    4. Sparklefan1234


      I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone now. 

  19. It looks like I was wrong.

    Apparently, I am - somehow - following a bunch of people. I have no idea how - unless I'm either sleepbrowsing, hypnotized or harboring a mischievous and bored house imp, I'm pretty sure I haven't done it.

    What the heckity heck?

  20. Anyone with a pony character feel like a slice-of-life RP with a human crash-landing into Equestria? I'd really like to develop him past his City-of-Heroes stage.

  21. I, for one, welcome our new Sweetie Boterlords.



    1. Them's Seeing Ponies

      Them's Seeing Ponies

      The fun levels for this kit will be at maximum efficiency.

      I shall acquire my miniature screwdriver, AA batteries and other objects of fun!

  22. Spoiler


    Dark Horse! Dark Horse!

    Dark Horse! Dark Horse!

    He oversees the forums,

    A thoroughbred of FiM!

    He's maintaining the topics

    You are posting in!

    So here's a happy birthday

    Come spend it with a grin!

    There's chocolate cake

    And muffin tray,

    Great job so far

    We're here to stay!

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Bravo! Bravo!


      Thank you, Quinch! Really appreciate it. :mlp_yeehaa:

  23. 672488429_173994-artistswaetshritcigarettedawnDuskgildagriffonsmokingsunrisesunset.thumb.JPG.0d7307989be7b0ef2913209a3120e8fc.JPG

    Man, I forgot how much I like this picture. The preformation Gilda, the careless bad girl at her peak. Is it weird that I feel a bit of loss that her depth came from her reformation and they couldn't have kept her a delinquent rebel?

  24. Three things:

    1. If you don't know the NN trivia answers, join us in the Everfree Roleplays forum.
    2. I'm off on Tuesday and will do a story reading - does anyone have a story they wish read? If not, I'll just look for something or other.
    3. I'm off to bed. Good night.
  25. -turns off the porch lights, puts out a lit pumpkin carved as Petey the AI, then sits back in his living room, playing Chrono trigger and snacking on a bowl of candy while he waits for trick-or-treaters to arrive-