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Posts posted by Quinch

  1. [Principal Celestia, third page]

    I've shown the journal to Luna. According to her interpretation, the dream means that I am becoming more in tune with myself. More self-aware, as she put it.

    That makes sense, in a way. All my life, I have felt a kinship with the sun, as though I had a personal connection with it. I suppose I should be more surprised that it took this long to have dreams where that connection would feel literal.


    The dream was - for the most part - much less unsettling than it used to be, now that I knew what to expect. I reached out to the sun, our sun, and touched it. I felt the coronas, the incandescent core, the colossal storms raging across the surface, the tiny tugs of planets as they circled around, the slow travel around the galactic core.

    Then I noticed I was on fire.

    Needless to say, I didn't dream much after that.

  2. Spoiler

    I started this as a series of blog posts before I realized that was pointless and stupid. So, a thread it is.

    This will be - hopefully at least - a series of diary-like entries in an alternate-universe Principal Celestia's journal. Maybe more characters down the line, if/when I get more comfortable with it. In this particular scenario, the Equestria Girls and City of Heroes universes are cohabitating - Canterlot High, Crystal Prep etc. are situated in Paragon City, although in one of the less chaotic areas. The rest I'm handling on the fly.

    I have no explanation for multicolored populace in one but not the other but, well, can't have it all.

    You can have, however, a Celestia-turned-superhero.

    [Principal Celestia, first page] Dear Diary...

    I have to hand it to Luna, she never ceases to surprise me.

    I mentioned to her that I've been having trouble sleeping yesterday and this morning she hands me this dream journal. I don't think I've even mentioned to her it's been dreams that have been bothering me but, well, she's always had a knack for knowing when something was bothering me. I wonder if she knew even before I told her.

    Heh. It wouldn't surprise me.

    It looks like she put a lot of effort into you, too. The moon-and-stars she put on the cover is a nice touch, but the dedication on the inside cover...

    "The best sister deserves the best dreams."

    Looks like somebody is getting something extra special for their birthday.

    Anyway, this is it for my first entry. See you tomorrow.

    [Principal Celestia, second page] We are stardust

    Floating. No, not floating. Nothing to float in. Just there. Then the city below me. No detail, no image, but I know it's there. Then moving away. Not away really, not moving, perspective shift. Feeling like I'm not there, was never there, not as a body not as a being. In space, no, not in space, universe around me, difference there. Stars, massive, burning. Feel them, all of them, a new sense, not synesthesia, something new. Thinking should be overwhelmed, first confused that I'm not, then frightened. Then feel becoming them, realize always have been.

    And that's the part where I woke up. I'm reading what I just wrote and it does make me realize think that's what my previous dreams were about too. It definitely feels familiar. I should probably ask Luna about it, she's always had a knack for figuring out what dreams meant. I might just be subconsciously remembering a Carl Haygan documentary or something, that would probably explain the whole feeling of oneness with the stars or something.

    It must've really bothered me in my sleep, though. When I woke up, the bed was hot. Like, right-out-of-the-dryer hot. On the other hand, I didn't feel sweaty at all.




  3. 13 hours ago, Twilight and Starlight said:

    Well I feel terrible for saying this but most of my time I was banished to the moon I spent plotting revenge ideas and things on my sister. 

    Honestly, it's understandable.

    What's your favourite food? Also, what's your least favourite food that's still good for you?

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  4. 48 minutes ago, DivineGuard1000 said:

    My favorite kind of love is chocolate love! So decedent and delicious! 

    You don't say.

    -pops a chocolate-covered almond-

    Definitely delicious.

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  5. What's your sleeping schedule like?

    And on that note, has Celestia ever let you live down sleeping through the changeling invasion?

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