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  1. This actually worries me a little. Anti-bronies are boycotting the movie with bad ratings, bronies will probably respond with excellent ratings and I feel that actual opinions by everyone else will just end up getting lost in the noise.
  2. I. Am. SO pissed off. The movie was going to be playing in the city theater. Now it's not. And the nearest movie theater that is playing it is, oh, about an hour and a half away {can't currently drive and lol what's public transit?}. God I can't stand this backwater mudhole.
  3. Hmm. It's pretty simple, to the point and overall straightforward. I like it!
  4. Quinch

    Celestia Fan Club

    This is an oldie, but it still makes me smile.
  5. Okay, that is HELLA CUTE. Thanks for the pointer!
  6. Zoi's pony generator was pretty much the best for its time, and still works pretty well as a way to flesh out a concept. PonyLumen's 3D creator is also nice if you're looking for a bit more versatility, but on the downside, good luck emulating the MLP lineart style.
  7. "I don't look human, you look Time Lord!"
  8. I agree - Crochety Who was my second favorite Doctor {right after Action Who}, but the writing for most of his episodes ranged between "mediocre" and "pretty bad".He paired well with Bill and Nardole too, which is why it's extra shame they were basically the shortest companions in the new Who generation. But yeah, looking forward to see how the Girl Who pans out.
  9. This is where I'd link to the City of Heroes website... IF IT WAS STILL RUNNING!! {still angry}
  10. We need more fanart of Sunset forgetting how to do pony things.
  11. Yep, go right ahead! You don't have to beeline for Crosswood either if you don't want to - looks like we have quite a few other players in the room too!
  12. Sounds like a plan! Let's go with a "yes". Crosswood's patrons, especially the regulars, are a pretty tight bunch, so while she might land a hit on someone, she would be quickly overwhelmed and ejected - permanently.
  13. You most definitely can!~ Also, added another thread "rule", for clarification.
  14. Crosswood gave Silens a smile - it wasn't the biggest smile, just a warm, pleasant smile of someone with little reason to overcompensate. "There's no reason to be formal, Silens. We're not too fancy - we have drinks, both with alcohol and without, and good company. If you're really hungry, there's the Free Meal over there - " he motioned at a plate by the side of the bartop containing a couple of lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches flanked by a pair of chocolate donuts, " - but there's not much to buy." He gave him a wink. As Andromeda examines the bar, she might notice a few oddities - like Princess Celestia, if she were about the size of a coffee mug playing cards with a pegasus, or a snake-like creature leaning against a wall, or one of those urban legend "human" things sitting awkwardly on a chair too small for it by a table too short to accommodate its legs apparently having some kind of verbal contest with another bargoer.
  15. Aaaaand OP has been updated, everyone! @Stormence, that's cool, hop on in whenever you feel comfortable. And now I need to pass right the hell out. Gnite everypony!
  16. I believe it was psyche, i.e. her mental state {yay English ambiguity!}. I'd say a crippling blow to her self-confidence and agency?
  17. Phew, finally posted the OP! Now just to edit the OOC OP with rules, background, trivia, etc... @asdfmovienerd39@MoTusNua, feel free to hop in!
  18. {OOC thread is this way. The information went data way.} Shared pain is lessened.Shared joy is increased.Thus we refute entropy. The words stood on a blackboard, occupying no place of importance. Other sayings, some profound, some flippant, others just going for a particularly bad pun, surrounded it, sometimes crowding it, others swam around at a leisurely distance, but there was something about it that said, quietly, that if Everything was erased - not merely everything, but Everything - those would have been the words that mattered. As it stood, the blackboard hung behind a portly brown earth pony who was, at that moment, polishing a shotglass behind a spacious bar of a tavern tucked away behind trees and shrubbery of a side street somewhere along the Manehattan highway on a warm summer not-quite-closing-time. Bright ceiling lamps cast a warm steady glow throughout the whole tavern, bravely invading the world outside through stained-glass windows and tragically stopping short of world dominating and having to settle for casting colorful patterns on the small parking lot outside. Various knickknacks and picture frames lined the tavern from wall to wall, shelves of memorabilia or reminders of bad jokes, stories of happiness or tragedy and the occasional mementos of an adventure or few complete with a handful of bookshelves piled with Bard Berry, Panther C. Clop, Stanislav Lime, A. K. Yearling and the odd occasional fare that hadn't technically been written yet. And as much as memories filled the walls, the sounds of a Crosswood evening filled the space - chairs scraping against the polished wood floor, laughter and groans, the merry and irregular plinking of a pegasus working an aging, yet lovingly cared-for piano sitting a comfortable distance from an odd, parabolic fireplace with a convenient bullseye that flashed in soft kaleidoscope patterns as the flames reflected and refracted from the yet-unswept shards of glass sticking out from between burning logs and ash. All in all, it was a night as many, just off the side of a usual, when the front door opened and someone new stepped into the bar...
  19. Quinch

    Luna Fan Club

    Heh, anyone else getting a bit of a Lackadaisy Cats vibe from this one?
  20. Oh hey! Yes please! And I'll get to hammering out the IC thread.
  21. She looks like she's supposed to be raiding a tomb in South America.
  22. "In real life I'm a tiltrotor helicopter." - Nick, "Skin Horse" I swear it makes sense in context.
  23. Hi, welcome to the forums! I'm looking forward to seeing {hearing?} more of you!
  24. I heard this the other day as a store muzak, made me cringe soooo much. Had to google the lyrics to find it. Bruno Mars. Go figure.