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  1. I guess you could chalk me up for My Little Dashie. I can understand why it was so popular, though - it was essentially Twilight for bronies.
  2. Nope. If I did that, I'd be a villain. I'd rather be a boring human than an evil pony.
  3. Not really. We have seen that My Little Pony could be not merely good, but great, if written well. So why not Care Bears?
  4. Stuck back in the plot device closet.
  5. Mixed bag. Quinch, quite. Originally fought a lot, since in Equestria does a fair amount of mundane physical labor. Drakontipa and Sweet Comfort, not very.
  6. To me, Cinch is easily most easily understood character of the movie. Heck, she even spelled it out for SciTwi when she press-ganged her into the Friendship Games. Reputation provides a degree of influence, which is in many cases synonymous with power, and she derives at least part that influence from the CPS's quad-annual curb-stomp of CHS. Of course her coercing Twilight to release a massive force she barely understands is stupid, that's the whole point. It's not an act of manipulation, it's an act of desperation - her demeanor notwithstanding, her back is against the wall. Canterlot already won one event and almost won another, both of them being completely unprecedented and she's grasping for something, anything that might possibly give her victory. That's why she outright rejects any possibility of a tie - in the world that Cinch built up, it's not enough to simply show you're good, or even great, but also that you are better than anybody else. After Canterlot put up a fight after she took it for granted for year after year that her students, and by extension her, would simply roll over Canterlot threatened what she valued the most - her power. And she acted as scared people tend to, by grasping at whatever straw she could see, blind to just how much more she could stain to lose.
  7. I don't really know - I don't really ship either romantically. How about a three-way carnival scene?
  8. Trying to figure out what the hell I broke in the TFTD ruleset this time....
  9. Tony Jay. [/needacryingponyicon] Or at least Kevin Michael Richardson.
  10. Haven't really noticed it. There's several twitters by different Tara Strongs, though, does the one you're talking about have an underscore or not?
  11. Kiiiiind of annoyed. I bricked my tablet and can't find a way to bring it back. @@A10, why not make something happen? It doesn't have to be big, but make it yours.
  12. Unique? Not sure if there is such a thing. But I do try to aim for uncommon. Quinch A fish out of water. He came from a violent environment into a peaceful one, and is trying to adjust to actually getting {sort of} what he wanted. Really, really dislikes other humans. Not out of inherent misanthropy, but because he sees them as too complacent to help themselves, even if their lives depended on it. Has a chronic helper complex, occasionally bordering on martyrdom. He's not an altruist, however, and it's mainly a conditioned reflex. Drakontipa Only one of her species that she knows of - she remembers her mother, but does not know what happened to her. Volatile personality, and her mood switches rapidly in all directions. This is not a result of trauma or some event in her past, but just her nature, and cannot be changed or fixed. Owns a statue gallery filled with exquisitely realistic pieces. She's also somewhat based on greek Gorgons. You can probably make the connection between the two.
  13. I was referring to impending pun-incited retaliation.
  14. Constantly. I feel that if I ever start screaming, I won't be able to stop. Snark and complaining are my safety valves and hanging around people online {i.e. you fine folks} helps me stabilize, but I often feel like I'm just one bad day away from losing it irrevocably.
  15. Well, I'm not in the US, so I don't get to vote, and if I did I'd actually do some research into everyone's who's running. But of the ones I heard of, I'd vote for John McAfee. Admit it, it would be interesting.
  16. Probably hang out with Celestia. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
  17. I have a few contenders, but I think this would be my favorite.!551&authkey=!APSKmNvmlm8WRno&ithint=file%2cwebm Now, if I could only find out whose it is in the first place....