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  1. Hmmm, in a place called Cyberpark, back in the day, gone now. I mostly hung around poetry and life advice {I think?} forums, though I mostly lurked.
  2. Disclaimer: I'm going to interpret the "unpopular" in the title as obscure or not-popular, rather than unliked. So, I'm going to lead with Callahan's Crosstime Salloon, a beautiful gem from the golden heydays of point-and-click adventure games. While mentioning point-and-click adventures probably invokes the names of LucasArts or Sierra, there were quite a few other studios that made great games even as they failed to make history. One of those was Legend Entertainment, who cranked out quite a few humorous and semi-humorous games. So, Callahan's. Our protagonist is Jake Stonebender, Folk Singer Extremeordinaire - well, inasmuch anyone in Callahan's is ordinary. Based heavily on Spider Robinson's books and boasting the Authorial Seal Of Approval to go along with it, there's very little story going on in the bar itself, but what it does do is set the atmosphere, and it does so with gusto. Be warned, this is not a game for anyone with low pun tolerance - between the conversations, flavour text {of which there is a lot} and the occasional puzzle, the game is rife with wordplay and shameless jokes. But that's secondary, I think. The best word to describe Callahan's, I think, would be "warm". This isn't a game focused on defeating some bad guy {although the occasional guy does get defeated, or at least thwarted}, but rather a collection of smaller goals to take care of - helping an alien squid sabotage his mission to drain testosterone from the planet, stopping a heartbroken vampire from committing suicide, rescuing the last grove of best chocolate to ever exist in past or future, saving a time-traveling huckster's life, rescuing and, of course, saving the universe because that's just the kind of thing you have to have in a game. It also bears mentioning that the game is very well-voiced - as far as I can tell, there's no star talent involved, but all of the characters are very consistently played with quite a bit of, well, character to them, both in terms of writing and voicing. If there's one large flaw that I can think of with the game, it would probably be the very first puzzle - while it only appears once more in the game, it does depend heavily on both knowledge of English and pop culture of that time, whereas the second time it pops up, well... there's answers in the game if you know the place to look. The rest of them, however, are rather sensible and shouldn't be too hard to solve for anyone with passing familiarity with adventure games. There's a playthrough of the game on YouTube, but I'd honestly recommend taking a look at it yourself. It's apparently abandonware, so it can be downloaded on several different sites, though not all of them have the voiced version. There's also a patch that came out after the fact that fixes a few bugs and adds a bit more flavour text that might be harder to find, so feel free to let me know if you'd like a patched version.
  3. Elite, International Karate, Turrican, UFO/X-COM {which got an awesome rebuild that you should check out}, Tyrian, Deus Ex...
  4. If you keep making that face, it's going to stick that way.
  5. Quinch

    Ask Boopman

    -powers down-
  6. Quinch

    Ask Boopman

    Are you a man who boops, or a man who is a boop?
  7. @Feather Spiral Theeere we go! Yep, whether it's just individual voices in a fic or a whole fic itself. Right now I'm putting out casting calls for stories as I think we can handle them, but everyone is encouraged to either record stories themselves, or invite others to read with them as well.
  8. @Cagey Pretty much anything that can save to an audio file. I'm partial to Audacity, but you can even go with something web-based, like Vocaroo.
  9. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/440750/queen-chrysalis-reforms-accidentally
  10. -has three votes for some reason?- -what the heck, I'll take it-
  11. Oh, sorry - it's already been finished. But there's another story, Fahreneigh 451, that's still open if you're interested.
  12. Quinch

    Pony life fan club

    Ponies in a shop? Why not Sunbutt?
  13. I'm a militant agnostic. I don't know and neither can you! {actually just regular agnostic, but pretty much atheist for all practical purposes}
  14. Hand wash. Loading the washer takes as much time as doing it myself and the dishes left out for too long the dishwasher can't handle anyway.
  15. You'd think so {and so did I} but interestingly enough, other than myself, Pony, Please had pretty much an all-female cast.
  16. Excellent! {I was being a bit flippant about squeaking, though - so far, I've just been trying to pitch my voice higher to try and identify it as female, but the way of speaking tends to convey a character more than the voice itself}