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  1. Luna_tic

    Things you love that everyone seems to hate

    White, straight, Christian people
  2. Luna_tic

    How many of you "ponify" your electronics?

    I have Princess Luna wallpaper on my phone and this on all my Glocks.
  3. Just bought this online at And before that it was the Hot Topic exclusive vinyl Princess Luna
  4. Luna_tic

    Random fact thread

    Sheep are severely stupid and often commit suicide... Two common ways: Getting into a food storage and eating until their rumen or sometimes abomasum ruptures, causing sepsis. When running they will slam into trees, fences, gates, houses, etc. and break their necks. Dairy cattle tend to produce the most milk at temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.4 to 10 degrees Celsius.
  5. You mean I gotta put this thing in that thing?!
  6. I would possibly. But I'm not sure how much Equestrian ponies move during sleep... I don't think a horse kick to my balls, teeth, or nose would be covered by my HMO if I was engaging in such risky behavior. The cuddling part is gonna be a no. The fact that they are sentient beings that I can converse with negates the innocence of them being just animals.
  7. Luna_tic

    Your ranking of best princesses?

    1. Princess Luna 2. Nightmare Moon 3. Pwincess Woona 4. Princess Twilight Sparkle 5. Princess Cadence 6. Princess Discord 7. Princess Big Macintosh 8. Princess Celestia
  8. Luna_tic

    Can guys become Alicorns?

    For the universe's sake, ignoring merchandising, I would say that it's possible in very rare cases. However, in a matriarchal society a stallion would have to show a vast amount of initiative, character strength, and adhere to a disproportionately high standard of composure. Males in the show have been shown as either average at many things, not good at anything, strongly specialized at one skill while lacking the ability to do anything else proficiently, and/or shallow. The stallion would have to be so awesome that he'd be annoyingly non-relatable and a douche because, given what we've seen, a stallion wouldn't have gotten another shot after any "Lesson Zero" comparable behavior.
  9. Luna_tic

    Favorite non-ponies?

    Discord, Iron Will, Zecora, Mr. Beaverton Beaverteeth, Tom, Boulder, Gummy, Cranky, that Scottish Breezy, and Winona respectively.
  10. Luna_tic

    Web Any Youtubers Legitimately Piss you off?

    Pew dee... you know the rest... He infuriates me... What he does isn't entertainment or humor... or even informative... Unless you want to know how low humanity has sunk... Watching a spaz (or "spanner" for the English reading this) make noises and use a weird voice to react to what we're seeing him do is maddening
  11. Luna_tic

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    "Tricks Up My Sleeve" from Rainbow Rocks.... It's been stuck for about 5 days now... Cause it's powerful and great...
  12. Luna_tic

    Do you comb your hair often =)?

    I haven't used a brush or a comb on myself in at least 5 years.
  13. Luna_tic

    What if the pony species go to war on one another

    Only the Windigos would win.
  14. Luna_tic

    Who should get their own episode?

    They are fine in small doses, I just cannot see a full length Celestia oriented episode doing anything other than taking away what people like about Celestia. It is possible to do, I just don't know that it can be done very effectively through the television show without breaking form. I like the Celestia we see in the show and enjoy her little spurts of a fun side that come out from time to time. Also, I don't put much thought into the comics because they have been shown repeatedly to be non canonical (and I'm a real snob about things being canon), but I do recognize their ability to demonstrate how characters can be developed and portrayed. I feel that Celestia development works well in head canons, fan fiction, comics, and more versatile avenues. However, the show is limited by the very thing that makes it wonderful, it is designed and styled a certain way. I just think Celestia could not be done any justice, within the confines of the show, as a stand alone character. But I am totes cool with whatever my brony and pegasister brethren feel about this stuff. Differing opinions are fun when respect is present.
  15. Luna_tic

    Who should get their own episode?

    I would like another Trixie episode, showing development after her being bested by Twilight twice. More from her point of view. I do not think that Celestia would be good fodder for a stand alone episode. The point of her within the show, save once or twice, is to be a perfect example of a mother/authority figure. In the context of this show, she is painted to be almost god-like in design. She has no real conflict to face, and her day to day life does not make for an interesting show. She keeps watch over her kingdom and deals with matters of diplomacy, how boring would that be for us to just watch? Given, we could have some world-threatening conflict appear and Celestia defeat it, but I feel like that goes against the flow of the show. Celestia sees in those close to her what they can become and the potential that they have. She tends to use this perception to guide ponies into bettering themselves. Her wisdom, power, possessions, authority, appearance, and attitude make her a difficult character to relate to. If the audience cannot see any of themselves in a character, the storyline will not impact them heavily. There's no development or conflict for her to have, she has been made to be perfect. So if she got her own episode her character, as it has existed, would have to be changed. I dislike breaks from established character in storylines because it cheapens the value of the story and makes you feel like you have wasted your time watching up to this point because they are throwing what you've respected out the window. Also, Luna is not a valid comparison to Celestia. She has been developed as a character, since the pilot I might add, as a relatable character with struggles and regrets that really hit home with a great number of people. Everybody has regrets at some point in their lives and she has been shown to handle these regrets in a more "human" way. Celestia regrets sending her sister to the moon, but this is the only major struggle we've seen and it is not relatable to most children. Parents might relate to the regrets over harsh punishments, but this show and the universe that has been established therein does not favor emphasizing parental, internal conflicts.