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  1. I totally agree with all of you, if guys and girls couldn't be friends, that would be so offensive for both guys ánd girls! Sometimes people ask questions like "Just a friend or YOUR friend-friend...? " Just... No. After all I can't have like 5 boyfriends lol
  2. Hey guys! So I have been wondering for a while now whether guys and girls can be just friends. I am a girl and I have quite a lot of guy friends, so I think they can, but obviously I have liked most of them at some point... Now we are just friends, a lot of them are in the same group. One of those guys has even become my best friend! But some people say we can't be friends, and Youtube is full of video's "guys and girls can't be friends"... I think that's ridiculous, but people say that's because I'm a girl, and I think this is very offensife to guys. I'm sure guys and girls can be just friends, so I was wondering what your opinion is. Can guys and girls be just friends? Why (not)? And please mention whether you are a guy or a girl!
  3. The last scene of this episode made me wanna cry... I thought the show was over! freezeframe with almost all of the characters looking at you "goodbye"-ish music all villains returned, sort of Starlight Glimmer is a friend now and is singing with them and the cmc got their cutiemark a few episodes ago Put them all together and it would be the perfect final episode. But you know what? IT ISN'T YASHHH
  4. I was thinking the same thing, I considered watching all season 5 episodes again, but I'll save that for another boring day I think... Yeah I was hoping that too ^-^
  5. Okay so in this last episode "What about Discord", Starlight Glimmer can be seen at 10:01 minutes, you can spot her in the bushes on the right, we can see her purple mane with a blue stripe and some binoculars peeking out of the bushes. Also, in "Amending Fences", when Twilight and her old Friends are having dinner with Moondancer, you can spot her on the table on the left. Do you guys think this means something? You have probably seen the trailer of season 5's finale, where Starlight wants to change the past or something, and just after Pinkie Pie mentions time traveling in S5E22, Starlight can be seen. In the bushes. With her binoculars. Like I said So do you think she's spying or is she just being used as another background character?
  6. who else thought Pinkie Pie was kinda creepy in this episode?
  7. 'Let me get my phone, I'll look it up...' (Equestria Girls not included)
  8. The Elements of Disharmony VS the Elements of Harmony episode Special agent Sweetie Drops
  9. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, Twist, Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon. Well, if they were reformed...
  10. I already feel depressed if I have to wait a week for a new episode. Imagine me when MLP stops...