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  1. @Randimaxis That definetly wasn't the reaction that Mist was expecting. He couldn't believe it. Luna had gond through all the trouble of setting up a fake search party just to spare him emarasment. But of course he had to go and ruin it by overthinking things. He wondered why Luna hadn't told him about this plan in his dream. That couldn't have stopped this whole thing from happening. Then again she was probably having to much fun to remember. "I'm sorry Sir," Mist said, disappointed in himself for ruining such a well thought out plan, "I guess I just feared that if the guards searches they might find evidence to suggest that Luna might be involved. And even though me eating the cake is the lasted gossip, it'd be much worse if they found out about Luna helping me."
  2. @@crispy fries "Sir understood sir," he said respectfully as he headed towards Jaded's office. As he walked he could hear some of the other guards mumbling amoungst themselves. Several were shocked at what Mist had done while others simply prayed that his death would be merciful. Mist didn't blame them. He knew the tone that Jaded had used. Mist used to call it the calm before the storm. It was something his dad used to do when he was younger. If Mist misbehaved in public then his father would talk to him in same tone as Jaded, but as soon as he got home his father exploaded with anger. Mist got to Jaded's office and stood at his desk while he waited for Jaded and whatever punishment he would bring. But at least they wouldnt know Luna had anything to do with it.
  3. No problem. Like I said unless someone is waiting on your reply its all good
  4. RP:https://mlpforums.com/topic/153277-castaways-rp/ This is an RP between me, crispy fries and The Pixelated Pony. It is about three friends getting washed up on a deserted Island. @@crispy fries. @@The Pixelated Pony RP is up
  5. @, @@Denim&Venom, @@crispy fries, @@Randimaxis, I've posted the RP. The RP will work like a proper RP untill the show starts, when he show starts each of us will do our comedy routine in the order that was stated.If you are not performing you can still talk to the other comedians back stage. Only rule please keep it under 1000 characters. When the show is done we will go back to a proper RP
  6. OOC: https://mlpforums.com/topic/153166-ponyville-comedy-festival-calling-all-comedians/ It was 9:30 Pm on a Saturday night and Ponies from all ovewr Ponyville had gather in the town hall to watch the first ever Ponyville Comedy Festival. The hall was pack with at least a hundred or more ponies, all eager to laugh themselves silly at tonights show. Meanwhile back stage the comedians were preparing to go on. "Show is starting in five minutes," said a stage hand holding a clip board, "the order will be; Dapper Charmer, Randi Maxis, Flamestreak, Laugh Track, Priestess and finally Dapper Charmer again." The stage hand then left the stage and left the comedians to finish preparing.
  7. A bright purple Bentley R-type continental parked outside the recently build cider bar known as Calypso's. The car door opened and a masked unicorn stepped out. His name was Hooligan and he had come to Calypso's for the same reason every other Unicorn had come here. But unlike every other unicorn he had come by invatation. Hooligan grinned widely as he walked past the hundreds of other unicorns who were trying to get inside. He got to the front of the line and showed the doorman his invite as he smugly walked inside. As soon as he was inside he felt the magic flow back in him. It was intoxicating. He looked down at his ticket. Hooligan hadn't really read it properly, all he could remember was that he needed to come here with a car and that there was a wish offered to the winner. Hooligan knew exactly what he was going to wish for. He was going to get all the powers of Discord. Ever since he was a child he loved the stories of Discord. But when he reformed Hooligans heart broke. That's why he was going to win this contest and become the next lord of caos.
  8. @@Randimaxis, Mist's heart sank slightly once Jaded was finished talking. He had a very strong suspicion as to excactly what 'Property of Celestia's' was damaged. And as such he knew exactly who the the culprits were. Him and Princess Luna. He looked around at his fellow guards it's clear that they were very much on edge. Half looked as though the were worried they might get blamed and the other half looked determined to find the culprit. Mist sighed. He knew that after everyone began searching sooner or later they would find proof that it was him, or even worse they would find proof that Luna was involved. He couldnt let that happen. "Sir I have a question Sir," said Mist as he stepped foward, "Sir am i to assume the the item that was ruiend last night was the cake i was suppose to be guardeing? Because if that is the case there is no need for the man hunt." he took a deep breath. "I'm the onw who ruined the cake Sir."
  9. @@crispy fries Mist groaned as his body adjusted to the sudden state of being awake. He looked up at Jaded Moonstone and sighed. Why did he always have to wake up before the good part? "Could you not have waited like five more minutes? I was having this dream where I was dancing with the most beautiful mare in the world," he said, leaving out the fact that the made was Luna, "and we were just about to...." Mist stopped, it was clear from Jaded's expression that he wasn't interested. He got up and headed to the courtyard. No doubt he was going to be punished for the whole 'cake eating' incident with Luna. He would probably be kicked out of the guards. Mist got to the courtyard and stood at attention. As he waited for his punishment he sighed. It seemed his courtship with Luna was over before it had began.
  10. Welcome to the Ponyville Comedy Festival. I look forward to seeing what you come up with XD
  11. Welcome to the Ponyville Comedy Festival XD @@Randimaxis, @, @@crispy fries Should I start it now or wait a few days?