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  1. I'm happy to see new posts in this club! These are the first of 2016. It seems both Stella Star and Zyrael joined the Forums this month; so be welcome! =) Also, I don't mean speak for others, but be welcome to the club; I hope to see more of you two here; feel free to simply express your views, bring discussions favorable to feminism or anything important to the topic when you feel like it. =) Thank you. =)
  2. Obviously. The Elements of Harmony, when wielded by the mane six, have power because there is one pony with understanding of her element for each element and they are all good friends, and then there's actual harmony(because you need more than one to have harmony, and then wield the Elements of Harmony). Princess Celestia, as an wise pony that also has all of the qualities that the Elements represent, was able to do a good job with them, even though she was alone. Also remember that Princess Celestia could turn Discord into stone permanently(I believe it would have been if nobody had visited him) when she was with Luna, a knowledgeable pony that is Princess Celestia's friend; therefore, that duo could represent the Elements of Harmony much better. I think that the Elements don't really have anything to do with the normal magical power(like what Tirek stole from everyone, or the thing used in the fight between Princess Celestia and Chrysalis), but they are the way harvest the strongest power in Equestia and use it directly: the magic of friendship, which is something entirely different and much more powerful than normal magic. You can't just shoot friendship straight out of your horn, you need something like the Elements of Harmony; but only if you have true representations of all Elements you'll be able to wield actual harmony(that's some destructive friendship). The closer the ponies involved are to perfectly represent the Elements, and the stronger the harmony between them; the stronger will be the magic the Elements of Harmony can exteriorize. That's why Princess Celestia had to use the Elements in the best way she could and banish Luna, and wait until it was possible to use the Elements of Harmony in full power.
  3. Oh, I’m also very sad that Jennabun seems to have left! I’ve always admired her so much. Anyways... that video seems to kinda miss the point of the thread: it’s purpose is simply to discuss feminism in a positive way instead of reponding to criticism against feminism. Still, that’s a very interesting video. =) Although I don’t quite feel good questioning it, since I don’t know anything about that person(by Draxon’s text, I think her name is Diana) or about Jenna, and all I’ve watched about Laci was this video: So, I’ll be trusting Diana, which is not good to criticize Laci or Jenna. Still, it took me a lot of words to explain what I think. I am sorry for not beince concise; I’ll organize it in spoilers. Also... I do sound like I’m really sure when I’m trying to be objective, but I don’t mean it like that; it’s really just my uninformed opinion, and I'd love to be called out on what I got wrong. =) About Jenna and Laci's demographic. From beginning to 4:43. About Laci on sexism and Diana missing the point. From 4:43 to 8:18. About the video with the 12-years-old and end. From 8:18 to the end.
  4. I don't believe in love at first sight; but, if I did, it would be a climatizer... When I first saw her I thought “Wow... She’s so cool!”. She approached me and I felt her cold breath in my face as she said “Is it hot in here or is it just you?”. To which I couldn’t help but quickly reply “Take me!”; “Okay.”, she coldly replied. I’ve been crazy and totally insane for that sexy talking climatizer ever since.
  5. Princess Celestia is best pony, but I never use nicknames on her; not even "Tia" or "Celly". I just think it's disrespectful to use nicknames with Her Majesty. I also try to avoid writing simply "Celestia"; I always try to include her title.
  6. Pens all the way! The tips of pencils break all the time and I hate needing to have an stock of graphite nearby all the time for the mechanical one(and my classmates in school used to steal my graphite all the time!); also, I really like the smooth feeling of the pen easily sliding over the paper and leaving solid ink behind; plus, it has more suspense when you can't make mistakes... Also... I said "pens", but, weirdly, it has to be this 0.7mm one: I mean, of course I can use anything, but I won't like it if it's not with that specific model of pen. When my teacher told me off for having bad hadwriting I started practicing and also tried new tools, and I happened to get addicted to that one.
  7. Thank you. =) And, I know he's reformed, but I don't see it like you do in any way. Sorry, I don't think I can explain since I can't understand you; I can't understand how one can think he's not so bad, or how one can like both Celestia and Dislestia. But I'd better just not talk about it anymore; I don't like the way that that shipping offends me, so I don't want to offend anyone with my disliking for it and for Discord; I'm sorry for posting here in the first place.
  8. Well, saying that "Dislestia" makes no sense just because Celestia is not exactly the opposite of chaos and, therefore, they are not actually opposites for the "opposites attract" trope makes no sense. They are still opposites: Celestia is the magnificent goddess that rules Equestria and, with her sister, does the best to maintain order; while Discord is the evil villain that messes everything just to have fun. And that's how it makes no sense: they are opposites in every single way, not only in an way that would make them fit together. But, of course I wouldn't try to force shippers to make sense, I know that some people like crazy stuff; but I don't see how you can have fun without having sense with it, and I don't see how entirely nonsensical shippings could be romantic in any way. I don't do shipping, but I don't have trouble with shippings; I even think some of those, although nonsensical, are cute. With one exception... I absolutely love Princess Celestia, so I hate "Dislestia". I hate to see the magnificent goddess that gives away her eternity to allow life to exist in Equestria together with her opposite: such a low selfish villain like Discord. Those "Dislestia" pictures always make me cringe; I can barely see the very word written. I despise it so much! But, this is already becoming a vent for me to express my frustration over how some people like what disgusts me... And, sorry, I also don't mean to offend anyone that likes any shipping, but that one offends me profoundly. I just wish shippers could be a little more discreet, but I know they are just doing their thing and it's not fair for me to want that... I'm sorry. This post surely was a vent. Anyway, logic surely isn't something to consider when talking about shipping, so the ones that are not shippers should probably just ignore it...
  9. Flash Sentry, for sure! People love even completely unimportant background characters, and Pinkie Pie does get shipped quite a bit; so, a character really would have to be hated in order to not be shipped. Flash Sentry is hated because he almost was officially shipped with Twilight, so that will make people resentful even of the very idea of a Flash shipping. So, although it's obvious if you just manage to remember him, Flash Sentry is surely the most unlikely to be shipped. Also, I think that characters officially shipped will necessarily suffer some kind of similar effect: like, Cadence won't be shipped, since she is officially with Shining Armor; and, out of any shippings with Cadence, the shipping Cadence and Shining Armor will be least likely, since that will be just boring(since it's already how it is, and Shining Armor kind of really is a bore). Also, people do really like to ignore Babs Seed.
  10. Rose seems kinda common to me; but Rosa is unique and memorable, probably because you'd pronounce a fancy R there. I vote Rosa; and I really liked the name Queen Rosa. =)
  11. Agree. Well, what I was talking about is that a character told someone off for being sexist, but I think it was uncalled for because the person probably wasn't being sexist; and there are many other moments in which sexism is proven wrong in the episode. Well, the scene I'm talking about was: So, I'm glad the show can even be considered feminist; it's just that that line in that context sounded like the feminist extremism that is so dreaded, the type of feminism everyone complains about, and made it all look a bit more over the top; which is not bad, just... sounded like a thin line to me, which I figured I'd mention. It just seemed like being so upfront would make the show unpopular with a general audience; which, again, is not important, I was just extremely surprised with such bold choices from the show makers; sorry.
  12. Oh, I did! =) I was wondering if it was okay to talk about it outside of Media Discussion... But I really wanted to see some opinions on it and discuss it here. =)