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  1. TheThunderPony

    Sad Song of the Moon (Original MLP Atmospheric Black Metal)

    Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your lengthly comment C. Thunder Dash. This is the first time I've ever received a critique on any of my music (or art in general honestly), so I'm very grateful. I'm honestly more of an Orchestral guy, but I absolutely love ABM (Fear of Eternitys' style in particular), and have always wanted to make some of my own in a similar manner. So, I'm referencing his stuff quite a bit, and old-school Italian horror scores, as these heavily influence his style. Trying to change it into something less like his is a challenge though, but I'll figure that out eventually. A major reason for the muddy/seeming lack of reverb is because my EQ was very poor here. Even when making this, I wished I could figure out how to "un-muddy" everything, especially the electric, bass, and strings. It is getting better though, as I'm attempting my first Trace/Trap track (boy is this something). This is the second electronic track I've worked on. It's teaching me so much about proper EQ, and sampling/chopping audio clips too. Another reason why this song sounds as mediocre as it does, is simply because didn't want to work on it anymore. I probably should have taken a break and came back to it later, but I burned myself out on it instead. I also began to get distracted more, and more from the fact that this song was supposed to be about Luna. So I just made whatever sounded good to me at the time. That's why it really doesn't feel much like a Luna themed song (besides the obvious "Lunas' Theme" I threw in), such a bad move that was. After listening to this a couple times or more a day since making this, I certainly realize this is not my best work. But, I guess I still enjoy it because of where it could've gone and still could go, if I redo it that is. I'm actually curious what you think of my stuff compared his, if possible. In any case, I know the piano arpeggiations aren't the most interesting to listen to. If I were making this now, I would have done the things you mentioned. They actually don't sound super dry/MIDI when isolated, but with the rest of the mix well... As for the guitars, yep, that's definitely not something I do anymore, haha. I've since begun to record my own playing, but with FL Slayer (quietly) in the BG. This presents it's own mixing/mastering challenges however. That sounds better than any plugin all by itself though. I might remove Slayer completely from my next track (because it really does sound terrible). The strings are terribly muddy/knoted together, I agree fully. I attempted to do something Andre did in his track, Dreadful Silence, but went a bit too far this time, and very messily at that. I've done this once previously, with better results I feel (even though the awful EQing doesn't show it). I certainly wouldn't do this now, because it's really just a big mess of notes. I feel the same way after listening to this countless times as previously stated. They don't feel like Luna at all, and they're too busy, for sure. I will try your suggestion next time I make a similar track though, or if I decide to remake this one, because it surely sounds like it would work. Just incase you don't know of Andre, here is a song from each album (old to new), and examples of whom I feel are his influences: Melancholy Rain Atrocious Pain Had to pick between this, and the more epic "Spirit of Sorrow". Dreadful Silence Leaving the Life The album this song is from tells a story, and is indeed his best work. If you like this, I'd suggest listening to the whole thing. Consulting The Dead Fragments of Wisdom The House by the Cemetery // Walter Rizzati Especially the Main Theme at 3:24 Cannibal Holocaust - Main Theme (Riz Ortolani) Again, thank you for the critique C. Thunder, greatly appreciated Yep, that's thanks to my crap EQ job, instrumentation/composition, and not having the most realistic sounding plug-ins (FL Slayer is garbage):p Hopefully though, I'll be able to buy Kontakt and the 8Dio Set, and be a kool kid like Radiarc (I love him). I've already started to just record my own guitars, it's soo much better (duh). The Piano dosen't sound super dry/MIDI when isolated, but with the rest of the mix it sure does. I see your point for sure, but I listen to MIDI stuff some times, like original Dancing Mad. But yeah, ultimately realistic sounding plug-ins sound best for almost everything. This is old anyway, so it sounds crappy to me now lol. Hell, even when I made it, it sounded crappy. Thanks though
  2. Made a song for Luna, took 2 days to make, I think it turned out ok. Fear of Eternity style again cuz he's friggin awesome. Lots of looping, cuz I’m lazy. This was also my first time using SFX, which was a ton of fun. I totally didn’t reuse those drums from Fields of Somber Fear though, nope. Bonus points for noticing that Luna’s Theme I threw in there. Made this in February btw, totally fergot to post this here though, whoops. Program: FL Studio 12 BPM: 124.97
  3. TheThunderPony

    Art since I've been gone

    Thanks a lot you guys. Glad you hear you love my Shys Calamity, I had a lotta fun sketchin' 'em:3
  4. TheThunderPony

    Art since I've been gone

  5. TheThunderPony

    Art since I've been gone

  6. TheThunderPony

    Art since I've been gone

  7. TheThunderPony

    Art since I've been gone

  8. TheThunderPony

    Animu styl GET!

    Fixed lol. I always forget the horns when drawing unicorns/alicorns:p
  9. TheThunderPony

    Animu styl GET!

    Hey y'all, it's me Thunder. Guess what? I've come back from the ded, yaayy! I haven't posted here in a loong time (again..). That's because I really didn't feel like I'd drawn anything worth posting here, since I don't wanna use this as an art dump y'know. Anywei, I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but never really got around to it. I love the oldschool stuff, so I'm trying to mix popular 80's and 90's styls together, to come up with something cool. I think I'm getting it, maybe lol.
  10. TheThunderPony


    Desc from da: Been feeling a bit down lately, so I animated Pinkamena. Done in Sai. Took me a little over half-a-day, but sooo worth it This was at 24 fps, but it was too fast; so I added a 0.1 sec delay in PS. This also has 11 frames, all are unique. Might add more frames to this later. Wow, it's been ages since I posted anything here, sorry guys:p I'll try not to let that happen again.
  11. TheThunderPony

    Tumblr Banner thing

    New banner for the blog (which I’m finally staring up again after like a year:p)!
  12. TheThunderPony


    Pretty dern good coloring for using your phone, noice job m8:3
  13. TheThunderPony

    Styl GET!

    Desc from DA: I uploaded the other pic to this site, Derpibooru, and MLP Forums, and added up all the #1’s and #2’s… #2 won, by a lot unsurprisingly. But, I was honestly still on the fence about this whole thing, so this happened. Everybody wins?:iconpinkiepieshrugplz: Anyway, this is the style I’ll be going with for now, yay:3 P.S. I know it’s barely any different but:p And no, her head isn’t turned slightly towards the audience, even though it may seem that way.
  14. TheThunderPony

    Equestria Origins. Potential for a new series?

    That would be pretty cool, would definately watch that.