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  1. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your lengthly comment C. Thunder Dash. This is the first time I've ever received a critique on any of my music (or art in general honestly), so I'm very grateful. I'm honestly more of an Orchestral guy, but I absolutely love ABM (Fear of Eternitys' style in particular), and have always wanted to make some of my own in a similar manner. So, I'm referencing his stuff quite a bit, and old-school Italian horror scores, as these heavily influence his style. Trying to change it into something less like his is a challenge though, but I'll figure that out eventually. A major reason for the muddy/seeming lack of reverb is because my EQ was very poor here. Even when making this, I wished I could figure out how to "un-muddy" everything, especially the electric, bass, and strings. It is getting better though, as I'm attempting my first Trace/Trap track (boy is this something). This is the second electronic track I've worked on. It's teaching me so much about proper EQ, and sampling/chopping audio clips too. Another reason why this song sounds as mediocre as it does, is simply because didn't want to work on it anymore. I probably should have taken a break and came back to it later, but I burned myself out on it instead. I also began to get distracted more, and more from the fact that this song was supposed to be about Luna. So I just made whatever sounded good to me at the time. That's why it really doesn't feel much like a Luna themed song (besides the obvious "Lunas' Theme" I threw in), such a bad move that was. After listening to this a couple times or more a day since making this, I certainly realize this is not my best work. But, I guess I still enjoy it because of where it could've gone and still could go, if I redo it that is. I'm actually curious what you think of my stuff compared his, if possible. In any case, I know the piano arpeggiations aren't the most interesting to listen to. If I were making this now, I would have done the things you mentioned. They actually don't sound super dry/MIDI when isolated, but with the rest of the mix well... As for the guitars, yep, that's definitely not something I do anymore, haha. I've since begun to record my own playing, but with FL Slayer (quietly) in the BG. This presents it's own mixing/mastering challenges however. That sounds better than any plugin all by itself though. I might remove Slayer completely from my next track (because it really does sound terrible). The strings are terribly muddy/knoted together, I agree fully. I attempted to do something Andre did in his track, Dreadful Silence, but went a bit too far this time, and very messily at that. I've done this once previously, with better results I feel (even though the awful EQing doesn't show it). I certainly wouldn't do this now, because it's really just a big mess of notes. I feel the same way after listening to this countless times as previously stated. They don't feel like Luna at all, and they're too busy, for sure. I will try your suggestion next time I make a similar track though, or if I decide to remake this one, because it surely sounds like it would work. Just incase you don't know of Andre, here is a song from each album (old to new), and examples of whom I feel are his influences: Melancholy Rain Atrocious Pain Had to pick between this, and the more epic "Spirit of Sorrow". Dreadful Silence Leaving the Life The album this song is from tells a story, and is indeed his best work. If you like this, I'd suggest listening to the whole thing. Consulting The Dead Fragments of Wisdom The House by the Cemetery // Walter Rizzati Especially the Main Theme at 3:24 Cannibal Holocaust - Main Theme (Riz Ortolani) Again, thank you for the critique C. Thunder, greatly appreciated Yep, that's thanks to my crap EQ job, instrumentation/composition, and not having the most realistic sounding plug-ins (FL Slayer is garbage):p Hopefully though, I'll be able to buy Kontakt and the 8Dio Set, and be a kool kid like Radiarc (I love him). I've already started to just record my own guitars, it's soo much better (duh). The Piano dosen't sound super dry/MIDI when isolated, but with the rest of the mix it sure does. I see your point for sure, but I listen to MIDI stuff some times, like original Dancing Mad. But yeah, ultimately realistic sounding plug-ins sound best for almost everything. This is old anyway, so it sounds crappy to me now lol. Hell, even when I made it, it sounded crappy. Thanks though
  2. Made a song for Luna, took 2 days to make, I think it turned out ok. Fear of Eternity style again cuz he's friggin awesome. Lots of looping, cuz I’m lazy. This was also my first time using SFX, which was a ton of fun. I totally didn’t reuse those drums from Fields of Somber Fear though, nope. Bonus points for noticing that Luna’s Theme I threw in there. Made this in February btw, totally fergot to post this here though, whoops. Program: FL Studio 12 BPM: 124.97
  3. Thanks a lot you guys. Glad you hear you love my Shys Calamity, I had a lotta fun sketchin' 'em:3
  4. *gaaassp* I... have returned! I've been out of the "pony zone" for a while, but it's good to be back (for real this time lol)!

  5. Fixed lol. I always forget the horns when drawing unicorns/alicorns:p
  6. Hey y'all, it's me Thunder. Guess what? I've come back from the ded, yaayy! I haven't posted here in a loong time (again..). That's because I really didn't feel like I'd drawn anything worth posting here, since I don't wanna use this as an art dump y'know. Anywei, I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but never really got around to it. I love the oldschool stuff, so I'm trying to mix popular 80's and 90's styls together, to come up with something cool. I think I'm getting it, maybe lol.
  7. I'm drawing some actiony finale art, come on down! ::