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  1. aww been so sick lately x.x

    1. Stardust*


      Drink hot water with lemon and honey! Works wonders! <333


      Feel better soon!!

    2. bluebell


      @Stardust thank you!~ I'll take any suggestions I can get ;v;

  2. Thank you! and you should check out her tumblr~ so adorable/funny I love Celery's colour too <3 *double hugs* -bluebell
  3. Celery pony is so cute <33 So fan art~! A great suggestion by Fleur-De-Lis who is also a fan. wish I could do her some more justice, but I've been very sick as of late x,x -bluebell
  4. bluebell

    Ask Bluebell

    Oooh! Why not blue belles?? <3 <3 <3 -bluebell
  5. ;////; thank you I'm so happy! -bluebell Aww that's so important~! >v< bless <33 I'm thankful you like how I drew them -bluebell
  6. bluebell

    Ask Bluebell

    so cute indeed ;v; Omgosh an alicorn?! idk...explode??? lol but truly, I'd probably be embarrassed and stressed for the attention and responsibility it requires (though I look up to all the alicorns even more for it <3) I'd like to live a simple pony life as a pegasus pony~ :> -bluebell
  7. I know I drew these a little bit ago (before I joined the mlpforums .////.) Hope this is an okay place to post this though. It's Sweetie Belle and Rarity (Hu)...sorry not really true to EQG x.x forgive? -bluebell
  8. Thank you ^ ^ *hugs* Oh yes, it's a lot of fun~! Traditional is always good but digital is also certainly :> -blubell
  9. bluebell

    Ask Bluebell

    Like a little jingle as I trot about~ <: -bluebell It is of Fluttershy. She sleeps amongst my other soft stuffed toys with me each night <3 Probably lots of pleasant dreams we share? ^ ^ Also she is the first MLP:FiM related merch I came to own. -bluebell
  10. Bless <3 ^v^ -bluebell I do wish to post more and not just of my OC. :> -bluebell Thank you ^///^ !! I hope is helpful and if anypony has any questions I'll try my best to answer too. -bluebell
  11. I shall give it a go then~! I hope it will be helpful. ^v^ ty<3 -bluebell Aww thanks! ^///^ Hehe I can see that. It would be cute I think~ When I doodle her actually I don't often draw her mouth xvx -bluebell