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About Me

Hey guys! A little bit of info about me, right? Well, here goes.


Hi, I'm Dawnpath, Dawnpath1, Coolburn2, Tangle, General Octavia, Gen_Applejack, General Applejack, an' Lord Applejack. Feel free to call me Dawn, Dawneh, Applejack, or anything else you can think of. ;) Anyway, I write. I used to write alot more, but when I do write, I write poetry that ladies love apparently, and guys are like 'meh.' Growing up, I always had a stronger relationship with my Mom than my Dad, but it's starting to pan out. My parents are divorced, and both are remarried. My favorite ponies are (in this order) Applejack, Octavia, Rainbow Dash. I became a brony when, on a game I was playing, somepony (Who's clan was My Little Pwny xD) posted Rainbow Dash's You're Gunna Go Far Kid. Soon after, I saw the Deathbattle between Starscream and Dash. When I watched the show, though, I liked Applejack better for her dependability and honesty. I also draw, but it's not great.


If there is one thing I'm grateful to the for, it's from when I was between closet brony and brony, when I learned the quote Love and Tolerate (Which I now shortened to L&T). It saved me from drilling quite a few people. I can now happily say that the only person I've ever had a fistfight with is my brother.


Oh, in case you didn't know, I'm a poet, and I draw.