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  1. Hey every pony! So as you might know ponymc just turned into poniarcade about maybe a month ago and since that happen a lot has changed. First of all they removed all cannon names "Because of fighting" I know I don't know what happens when i'm not online but through the time I've been on the server I haven't seen fighting going on because of names..there might of been like hey i'm the real whatever pony but after that they just went on with their pony lives. Second of all they just removed all use of /me and now all channels are combined with survival and creative. O.o Like how is any pony suppose to rp now without ponies from the other server possibly already doing theirs in that specific channel and in others too? I'm not trying to be mean, but minor changes soon lead to bigger changes.. I don't want to come on one day and every server be gone, but survival or just creative. I don't know what i'm trying to get at here, but I just don't want the server too fall... I hope some pony answers my questions.. Well thanks for reading this far! -Pinkie_Chan/xXWolfieXx10