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  1. Silverwisp the Bard

    The Mane Six in Hogwarts

    The board is a bit boring tonight. Let's change that. A while ago we had a fun thread about which house the Mane Six would be sorted into. Now assuming that the (human) Mane Six entered the school instead of the Trio, give us your thoughts on: 1.The most points they ever lost for their house at once and how 2.With whom they went to the Yule-ball of friends (outside the Mane Six) 4.hobby 5.something epic they did Feel free to add categories Twilight (Ravenclaw) 1. Participated in one of the legendary drug- and booze-fueled escapades that all Ravenclaws presumaly participate in in regular intervals, that prevent the house with the most intelligent and motivated students from ever winning the house cup. (around 25 points, since it gets spread around) 2. Hard to say, probably some Ravenclaw, possibly a prefect 3. Ravenclaws, possibly a book club 4. Wizard Chess, books 5. Figured out it was a basilisk after the first attack. Only one to make it through every lesson of Magical History awake. Rainbow Dash (Gryffindor) 1. Caught trying to sneak on board the Durmstrang ship to steal something from Krum 2. Bullied Krum into taking her 3. The Gryffindor Quidditch team 4. Quidditch 5. Made seeker first year, won the cup every year Applejack (Hufflepuff) 1. Can't think of anything 2. Cedric Diggory 3. Everyone in Hufflepuff who needs her help with something 4. Setting up an orchard on the schoolgrounds 5. ? Fluttershy (Hufflepuff) 1. Caught trying to sneak steak to Fluffy in first year, 50 points 2. Too scared to accept any offers 3. Luna Lovegood, Hagrid 4. Caring for critters (of various sizes) with Hagrid 5. Made the basilisk's eyes explode by outstaring it, won the Triwizard tounament by staring down the dragon, asking the squid to fetch Rainbow from the bottom and riding the last Skrewt to the center. The Skrewt then ate Wormtail and Voldemort Rarity (Slytherin) 1. Caught trying to drag the Mirror of Erised into her bedroom 60 points 2. The hottest guy Beaxbaton had to offer 3. Someone who cares about fashion 4. Making modifications to her school uniform, redecorating the Slytherin common room 5. out-bitched Fleur Pinkie (Hufflepuff) 1. Flooded half the third floor after being given the password to the prefect's bathroom by Applejack. 75 points. 2. Fred and George 3. Luna Lovegood, Fred & George, Lee Jordan 4. Pranks, going on expiditions with Luna 5. Made a birthday cake for Snape
  2. Now, quite apart from the fact, that they would probably have Voldemort sorted out by book 3, how would the (humanized) Mane Six fit in in Hogwarts? What houses would they been assigned to? For bonus internet-money, give your take on how they'd fit in with the books' cast. Discuss. My take: Twilight: Ravenclaw Pretty much the situation Hermoine was in: Smarts enough for Ravenclaw, courage enough for Gryffindor. Maybe even ambition enough for Slytherin. It's a pretty tough call, but I think pre-show Twilight would choose Ravenclaw, simply because of it's reputation for excellence. Would probably constantly butt heads with Hermoine. Only student in the castle to get along well with Madam Pince. Also gushes about Lockhart. Favourite Class: All of them *squee* Applejack: Hufflepuff In my opinion the easiest call:reliable, hard working, compassionate, gets along well with just about anyone. Could kinda see her going out with Cedric. Favourite Class: Herbology Pinkie Pie: Hufflepuff Would probably freak out the Sorting head somewhat. I'd say Hufflepuff, for her disposition (she would probably qualify for Gryffindor, but I imagine she'd choose Hufflepuff). Would probably hang out with Fred, George and Lee a lot. Finds her way into the kitchen by day two. Goes prospecting for Snorkacks with Luna. Favourite Class: Not sure, maybe Charms Rainbow Dash: Gryffindor Would probably refuse to take of the hat until it sorted her into Gryffindor. Gets into the Quidditch team the same way Harry did (except she also punched Draco in the face). Proceeds to singlehandily win the Quidditch cup every year with less than a minute play time per match. Probably hangs out with the other players a lot. Spends all of Goblet of Fire stalking Krum. Favourite Class: Quidditch is totally a class! Defence against the Dark Arts. Fluttershy: ? I guess either Hufflepuff of Gryffindor, really not sure here. Would hang out with Hagrid and Luna a lot. Favourite Class: Care for Magical Creatures Rarity: Slytherin Some might disagree here, but Rarity has shown that she does know what she wants and how to get it. I could also see her being proud of being a pure-blood, while not discriminating halfbloods or muggle-born (if that makes sense to you). Would still hang out with the other Mane Six though, can't see her get along with any of the named Slytherins. Favourite Class: Charms (for maximum fabulousity)
  3. Have you ever thought of (fitting) real life first names for the mane Six/Spike? So far I have: Rarity: Isabella Pinky: Mina (no-brainer really) Applejack: Hanna Fluttershy: Melissa Also for additional credits think of a knightly motto for each: Twilight: Knowledge is Power / Mind over matter Applejack: For kin and country Rainbow Dash: First to battle/ First in, last out Spike: Deeds, not birth
  4. Silverwisp the Bard

    Silverwisp's EQD NATG 2016

    My third Newbie Artist Training Ground this year and the first I actually managed to finish! :-o Had a ton of fun and actually tried out a lot of new things, which is what the NATG should be all about. Really happy with the results to, except for maybe 11, which went full on uncanny valley, and 26, which I sadly didn't have enough time for. As always, most of these a references of some sort or another, see how many you can guess (there is no prize). Enjoy:
  5. Silverwisp the Bard

    Respond with a picture

  6. Attention! There are about two hundred pictures throughout the thread, if you got the time, please check out some of the latter pages. Any critique/feedback is welcome. Click here for the aforementioned dump of armoured ponies. Here some of the highlights: Twilight's hot new hat My 40k ponies Rainbow Khan Slaaneshi Rarity Earth Pony Knights The fanciest helmet in the fandom (or your money back) This is bat(pony) country Ponified Guts Falconer Pony This is Nightmare Night... So, since I've realized, that I haven't really done anything in this section of the boards except showing of my putty skills and criticizing others, I've decided it's time to give back to the community. So, here's my OC Quick bio: Wandering singer, lived about 300 years prior to the events of FiM, creator of such poetic wonders as The Bear and the Mare so fair and A Unicorn's horn has a knob on the end (first one to get both plagarisms references, gets a request) I'll probably colour it with Photoshop later, once I'm done correcting. Criticism most definitely welcome. PS: Can anyone think of a musical pet? I've settled on magpies, thank you all for your suggestions. Update:
  7. Silverwisp the Bard

    Silverwisp draws stuff (feat. the forums biggest art dump of armoured ponies)

    Wow, it has been a while, hasn't it? Have some art:
  8. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Mr. Mime; only one of the original 151 that I actually can't stand. Favourite tairy tale that hasn't had a Disney adaptation?
  9. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Either Link from Windwaker or Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4. What is a (currently running) movie adaptation you're looking forward to?
  10. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Singing & Dancing. If you could have any kind of ship out of history up to now, what kind would you have and what would you call it?
  11. While I don'6t really care for the prequels in general, I do like Anakin's "Sand" speech. That's some good cheese. I also prefer Russel Crowe's portrayal of Javert over the traditional stage singing portrayal of the character. Javert always struck me as a man working constantly to keep himself under control and Crowe's performance really brought that out for me. Screw physics! Gravity has been dragging me down for all my life.
  12. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Mushroom cheeseburger at some roadside restaurant in New York State. If you could have a spaceship, what kind would you have and what would you call it?
  13. Silverwisp the Bard

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  14. Silverwisp the Bard

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  15. Silverwisp the Bard

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  16. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Japan to visit, specifically a tour of some historical sites before all the geek stuff. USA for living, somewhere in the woods in Oregon. Edit: Ninja'd. Probbaly Nauru; small enough to be evacuated in time and isolated enough to contain the destruction. Have you ever walked out of a cinema before the movie was finished?
  17. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    "I don't know what all those shippers are on about. Can't an adult man in an immortal artificial body hang out with an adrogynous teenager who's required to adress him as "master" without people reading stuff into it?"
  18. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Whatever's available. I usually buy offbrand anyway. What was the first book you decided not to finish?
  19. Silverwisp the Bard

    Gaming What's your name in Zelda?

    Actually, that was due to the Wii mote control screen. They switched it back to left handed for the HD remake.
  20. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Similar to Endless Nothing's annswer; something out of the Dark Souls universe. Either the story of the Ivory King and Alsanna or coming up with my own cycle of fire. Dragon or griffon?
  21. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Favourite book: American Gods by Neil Gaiman Favourite series: The Discworld books by Terry Pratchett (my favourite author) If you could write a book, any kind of book, what would it be about?
  22. Silverwisp the Bard

    Gaming What's your name in Zelda?

    When I first played Windwaker, I had my little cousin sitting next to me, who insisted that link was actually a girl, so I named him Joan. I have kind of stuck with that ever since.
  23. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Oh you young whippersnappers, you. Age of Empires. What is the last book you read?
  24. Silverwisp the Bard

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  25. Silverwisp the Bard

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    "Show up one more time for the final arc, they said. It's gonna be memorable, they said."