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  1. Thank you i actually dont like how high pitched my voice can be though
  2. Uhhh thats how i sound like
  3. I am tired, sore, aggravated, and i am really mad at snow x_x -has been shoveling snow for the past 3 days during which i have been to tried to work on art i owe people x____x-
  4. Right now im thinking why now are all these awesome things happening in the show and the ending clip to the last EG movie... dear god why!
  5. I think i know why all these awesome things are happening in season 5 and now i hate starlight glimmer even more T_T

  6. I meet my closest friends when I was in middle school. I had just started going to a avatar chat called Cat Paw Island. i meet him along with two of my other closest friends there. we started role playing and uh i ended up dating my other two friends and it didn't work out with them... oddly enough it still not awkward between any of us. so. i dont have one best friend i have 3.
  7. I made a new character I was going to call her White Ink but I ended up just going with Ink because it sounds nicer. Also i made one for my friend Hes called Puddle Leaf (though I still dont fully know why he went with Puddle...)
  8. 1. Luna :comeatus: 2. Twilight 3. Celestia 4. Cadence Cadence may move up in the future when I read more of the comics or if there is an episode either having to do with more of her back story (like how she became a princess and stuff like that) but for that shes rather bland for me. More stuff on Celestia too might let me enjoy her more too. Luna is on top because she is the princess of the night and well. i love the night.
  9. Same here. animation was best of the best too. I just wish Unset Shimmer had actual wings at the end part but I understand why they didnt give her wings.
  10. When Im feeling down I literally just play Pinkie's Smile Song over and over because it makes me so happy
  11. The only down side for me is my close friends but in a world that only down side is magic mistakes and monsters about every day that can be defeated pretty easily... and have what your best at permanently symbolized on you butt. I would say Yes though I would miss my friends and wish they could be with me
  12. This movie blew my mind and I enjoyed it more then rainbow rocks BECAUSE of how Twilight was pushed by.. that awful principle... er. but the MidTwilight and Sunset forums were really nice that had the right amount of focus on the games themselfs. ending felt a biiiit rushed but it was to beautiful that i think it can be forgiven. Heck we even have a couple new character that are a bit interesting them selves! Sour Sweet and Sugarcoat both had interesting bits. though with that last scene makes me wounder if it will pop up in the show since the ending bit places it on the timeline of the show. i doubt it but it would be a cool glance
  13. I was wondering what was up with this episode... the site i go on to watch new episodes has it up and i got so confused its why I actually came on today xD great episode! I just wish I hadnt been listening to mlp Night Mare Night grimdarks before watching this episode