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  1. @@DwhitetheGamer,@, @, At this point, I was trying my very best to hide the fact that I was completely clueless and had gone blank in my mind. I instinctively got into something of a fighting stance, knowing that some knowledge of martial arts was better than nothing. I looked around, noticing very familiar figures. I was never good at remembering people's names, but a few usernames floated into my mind. Then I jumped a bit (goodness, my crazy friend would be laughing at me right now) when I heard the booming voice from the mic. Strangely enough, part of me was jealous of the figure having a hood on, something I despised going about a single day without. But then, his words hit me like an anvil. "What would you do if the avatar above you was frozen in stone!?" I wanted to yell, push Dwhite out of the way, something those heroes from the fantasy novels I've read would do. Instead, my red eyes were wide and a gasp escaped me as the blasts came hurtling toward them.
  2. @@Randimaxis,@@DwhitetheGamer, @, I was silent, trying to think of anything that could get us out. Then I saw the eye appear. Another MLP Forums user that ended up here? No... He sounded... Not right. I'm pretty sure I looked calm and stoic about the situation, but I was deeply afraid. He's not a fun guy? Were we facing a life and death situation? Then I thought I heard the voice change. Confused, almost like I am. It reminded me of characters in stories who get possessed and momentarily slip out of the puppet master's control. I was left staring at where the eyeball was, contemplating, deaf to almost everything.
  3. @@P-Jay, When he asked, Frostfall's somewhat-positive face faded, her gaze turned toward something in the distance in front of her. "He went missing," was all she said as she entered the bar. She began to look around, resisting the temptation to have some cider at the bar.
  4. @@Dapper Charmer, Frostfall waved to the mare at the counter, the two exchanging a knowing glance and a few nods before the blue unicorn whirled around and said,"Why don't you just settle in first? Then we'll go get something." She leaned in a bit to get a closer look at his face. "Oh, you running a fever or something?"
  5. @@Dapper Charmer, Frostfall sat up on her haunches and shrugged with her hooves facing up. "Hey, the reactions are priceless. And I don't get hurt easily, so no need to worry," she said with a slightly cocky smile. "Now let's go! I think you'll like this place more," she said, walking around the hearth to an old-looking building that was next to a place titled "General Store". It read "Inn", but the sign looked like it could use some cleaning up.
  6. I study various religions, but I don't practice any (unless you count being an agnostic as such). Same?
  7. Twilight: I'm an AB student (B in one subject, A in just about everything else), I'm not sociable, and there are a few folks who look up to me (hell if I know why, I just know that they do). Rarity: I'm an artist and I do care about how I look (though I'm lacking in refined tastes). Fluttershy: I'm quiet and I'm best when I'm alone. If I weren't so allergic, I would've been begging every Christmas for a cat.
  8. I could make a pun, but then I would face PUNishment and be forced to PUN the earth. Do you hate me now?
  9. My animal spirit is a fox, wolf, dragon hybrid. You're experiencing pain in one spot on your body for the rest of your life. What is that spot?
  10. This is the song that never ends! REPEAT IT AGAIN! Same.
  11. Your real life selves and your OCs duke it out against each other in a gore-filled battle to the death while this plays. Same.
  12. @,@@DwhitetheGamer, (OOC: I'm a "she". XD) Well, at least they weren't laughing. I had to take a moment and count my blessings: At least I'm not alone in this potentially-dangerous situation. At least no one is panicking. At least it isn't crowded. But I was still assaulted with questions. Why were we here, not as our real-selves, but as our avatars (not that I wasn't enjoying my new form, but unlike the picture I made, I wasn't smiling)? Why did we end up here? Was it that- My head shot up when Sonic made mention of a familiar message. You've been invited to the trials, have a nice day. I nodded vigorously.
  13. @@Dapper Charmer, Before Frostfall could reassure Mist that it was just a joke, she found her hoof wrapped in something cooling. Normally she would be laughing at him being gullible, but she instead found herself feeling pretty grateful for his action. "By the moon, Frostfall, why're you always scarin' folks who come by here?! 'specially that handsome fella from outta Prancylvania," the old mare with the knitting work piped up from nearby. That was when Frostfall began laughing.
  14. I use a Mac. Monster, how should I feel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbEyA4UEvUU