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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. I honestly do not remember the EXACT date I joined. I know it was around August, because school had started for me. My boyfriend and I thought "Why not?" and found it on Netflix. It was mainly for fun, but we ended up truly enjoying it. I discovered Fluttershy as best pony, and he discovered Luna haha.
  4. Hey, everyone! It's been a while. I just wanted to stop by and say hey. ^.^ I have been really busy between college and my health issues. I am NOT caught up on MLP either... lol. *NO SPOILERS*

  5. I'm thinking how I have an 8 o'clock class tomorrow morning...
  6. Well.. Lol. I have said Canterlot when I was supposed to say Camelot in class.. Also, I say everypony and anypony without meaning to. I know recently my boyfriend said he was at work when he heard a girl call herself a princess. All he heard was princess and his mind automatically went to MLP. The girl continued and said she was a unicorn princess. He ended up admitting his thought process lol cx Turns out she was in a psychology class that had a WHOLE unit on bronies! Cool right??
  7. I personally love all of it, but I have enjoyed the time travel, war, and other historical elements. It is world building that makes the show seem more authentic--which I love.
  8. I love the sound of rain but not heavy heavy rain. Also, rain on a tin roof is just annoying. I love the sound of rain tapping on a window. There is actually an app I used to have that had different rain noises. I am thinking about having it again actually to help me sleep away from home at the dorm. On the app, it has rain in all sorts of forms. Rain tapping a window (my fav), a rain storm, ocean waves, etc. A fan is a good thing as well to sleep to.
  9. Realistically speaking, Twilight for President Applejack for VP Non mane six.. I really want to say Discord for President and Celestia for VP just because that would be so fun though.
  10. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are just the absolute best. I love extra crunchy peanut butter as well, so the texture differences are a nice touch.
  11. I do not curse, so I usually say something silly or just say "AGHH!" Silly things such as: sweet sassafras, sugar, ugh douchebag, dang *insert whatever hurt me here*, or meh.
  12. 1. Rainbow Rocks mainly because I love the story line and the music best! 2. Sunset Shimmer 3. The Cafeteria Song is fun haha. So is Under Our Spell. I must say Fluttershy's song at the end was also good!
  13. Being a girl, I do not really have an issue with other people finding it too weird that I call myself a Brony. Girls seem to get away with watching MLP regardless of being an adult. I can understand though that since it is not society's version of being a "man" by watching.. Most men feel shy about telling others they are a Brony. Personally, I feel that some men feel the need to tell simply because: They love it so much. When you are a fan of a certain musician, show, etc. you tend to talk about it a lot, yes? Whether you mean to or not is a different story, but regardless, we love talking about our hobbies. We as humans feel the need to talk about things we like and love. If we find someone who shares hobbies with us, then it is fantastic. A new friend is created simply by talking about a show or song. Also, the MLP Fandom is different from any other fandom. I am a fan of Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and Futurama. The communities of those fandoms are different though. Since there is this special bond connecting all MLP Fans, there is a certain pride about being a Brony. In my opinion, this is why one might feel "pressured" to tell. Simply because you want to. You love MLP and hope to share. You also know you have an amazing fandom backing you up. That is just my opinion though.
  14. Haven't been on in a WHILE.. Haha. Someone seriously needs to create an app for this forum though. It would be a little easier to pop on through an app for me. ^.^

    1. Kyoshi


      That idea has come up multiple times, I agree with you. :3 Also, welcome back! ^_^

    2. ShutterBat


      Hopefully, someone somewhere will go with that idea. Thanks!

  15. I try not to show I am TOO bothered with the misuse of grammar or misspelling words. Inside, it REALLY annoys me. I see a spelling error in the slideshow my professor at college created and cringe. I see someone use "their" when it should be "they're" instead. I try to let go and tell myself we are all only human and WILL make mistakes sometimes. On the other hand.. Someone old enough to understand grammar and spelling should use it. *sigh*