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  1. So you guys fighting a cow, a reindeer, a mare, a sheep, an alpa..whatever. BUT I HAVE TO FIGHT A DRAGON. Nope nope I'm outta here! And that's all for my crossover set. It's really fun and very spontaneous at first and start to die out a little bit, but I still very excited for the game to come alive! Let's all support the game, pretty please. I wanna see Lauren's goat and I can't achieve that on my own. <3 Coming up next. Pin-up for every Them's Fightin' Herds! characters, but sadly I can't post here obviously. Follow my DA to see them, more art and bad grammar.
  2. Thank y'all for the kindly comment, really appreciated all of them. <3 Sadly my skill set is not suited for coloring at the moment. But I'll keep practicing and get into it someday. Yay!
  3. LOL. But it cute thought. Remind me of Saboten from Final Fantasy serie.
  4. Na, you doing great. Keep it up!
  5. Nice! I'm not see a lot of pixel art there day. Great job.
  6. Of cause, I'm not gonna draw the poor pony/sheep fought each other. That low. Besides, the beastmaster never lets them's hoof strain with blood and other visceral fluid. Has anyone seen Friendship Game? That was awesome! So good I wasn't sure about continuing the TFH serie... hmm.
  7. randomcpv


    A Spitfire always good for your soul! Lovely!
  8. A unicorn with necronomicon! (or as they call it Unicornomicon in the gallery) That surely bring an unimaginable fight style. And it kinda blew a thought bubble inside my head, how wild is Lauren willing to go with dark magic and a unicorn. Darn..this must be a very long waiting. Let's support the game https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/them-s-fightin-herds/x/9785508#/story
  9. Thanks y'all for a kind comment. That means a lot to me <3
  10. Please enjoy the small gag. Any grammatic error is totally my fault. Oh boy, what I have to give to be able to see Paprika rumble right here right now? Is my soul even enough?
  11. Thanks for all the comments. Really appreciated <3 Yes she's a dear, deer. Wait..
  12. Ola! I liked the coloration of your OC. Is that crayon? It must be hard to shade that well. Lovely!
  13. the episode was (or will?) great and funny! Your AJ is really cute and fussy. Too cute. Great job!
  14. Wow! this is superb! The eye and grin really told his personality well. great stuff!
  15. Not as much as action pack like the cowgirls one cause' I don't draw this one out of emotion. Besides, I had a hard time imagine two elegant creatures fought each other. I think I'm in love with the deer now. <3 And did I mention how cool the fighting is?