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  1. I'm fine with being female but I wouldn't mind being a guy.
  2. I have only one, which is a black T-Shirt that has a chibi Rarity on it. I wear it a lot.
  3. I know two. There isn't really a lot of bronies in my area
  4. I have a lot of friends who are from Ukraine plus I want to visit Ukraine soon. And no, but I have some family members who live up there.
  5. Yes, they do know. And they surprisely approve of it. Actually, they often order pony merch for me. Which is awesome.
  6. I would like to go into acting or film production. Maybe even Make-Up or Costume Design for Film as well.
  7. I'm supposed to respond to this topic. Oh wait I did, Mark that as Done on my To-Do List. The second thing I'm supposed to do is head out to get some groceries.
  8. Discord x Fluttershy As much as there's a lot of fuel for shippers, I'm just not seeing this 'Love'. Plus the relationship would be very weird. I prefer to see Discord as the protective friend, not boyfriend.
  9. I'll have to say Deadmau5. I like his music more than Skrillex, it just seems more appealing to me.
  10. Bonjour and Bienvenue! I hope you enjoy your stay and make lots of wonderful friends on here!
  11. Bonjour and Bienvenue! I hope you enjoy your time on here and make lots of wonderful friends
  12. Couldn't help myself to change my avatar back to this. I just like it too much <33

  13. I'll admit this with no guilt. MySims games. I have every single MySims game and when I was younger, I played them like there was no tomorrow. I still sometimes load up an old save or make a new game. I just can't help myself. If you have seen PBG's reviews for MySims, that's basically everyone who I came across and often get teased about it.
  14. Januaree


    Bonjour and Bienvenue! I hope you enjoy your stay on the Forums and make lots of wonderful friends. (Also Fluttershy is quite adorable )