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  1. Viva le Revolution

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. King of the Night

      King of the Night

      the uhhh.... oh the one with the guy and the cause


    3. TheLegoBrony


      just say LUNA'S REVOLUTION

    4. Krashface


      Yeah, revolution ! Get tequila out !

  2. Got a new job at a pizza joint! yup no il have my hooves deep in doe

  3. Ive decided to Build the Nightmare Night Festival for Poniarcade Minecraft!! If anypony on the server want to help please ask first.

  4. I got #1 in the mob killing competition

  5. There once was a man from Peru who dreamed he was eating his shoo but he woke up in the night with a big fright and saw hi dream had come true

    1. ShutterBat


      I love that episode of Spongebob haha.

  6. The project has begun with complete success and there have been some volunteers

  7. Whay do you get when you play tug of war with a pig? ..... Pulled pork

    1. Alpharius


      I love pulled pork

  8. Ohai!

    1. King of the Night

      King of the Night

      hi looking to the stars and i found one

    2. Kawaii Besu

      Kawaii Besu

      Found what? Some planet that's almost like ours and theoretically supports life? :comeatus:

  9. going to a practice tomorrow, im pretty nervous

    1. Alpharius


      Good luck remember even if you do fail just remember you can improve and you tried your best anyways I wish you the best of luck!

    2. King of the Night
    3. Alpharius
  10. When it comes down to it, its you or me. Way i see it, may as well be you.

    1. TheLegoBrony


      nope princess luna comes first

  11. Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

    1. TheLegoBrony



      the moonlight