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    Interests come and go, but right now I enjoy general doodling and art, building with Legos, watching movies, animals, books, and animation. Some of my favorite cartoons include FiM, Steven Universe, Robot and Monster, Futurama, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, Foster's Home and lots of others.

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  1. I have no plans of coming back here, but for those of you who read the comics, is it necessary to read all of them from start to finish, or are they enjoyable on their own?

    1. FlitterFlutter


      Just make sure to start at the beginning on an ark.

  2. Other than being animated, they're completely different shows, with completely different characters, humor, style, and quality, comparing them would be like putting a potato next to a t-shirt. And that's a good thing, it'd be boring if it was like that.
  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!! :33333333

  4. happy birthday my friend =)

  5. Accustomed? There's been nothing to accustom to, it's just people overreacting to change even though it could just as easily lead to good, bad or nothing at all. When the castle came about I just continued watching the show as is.
  6. CharlotteR-MLP

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Just saw "The Man from UNCLE." It was alright, nothing really stood out about it that I'd reccomend beyond some stylistic efforts, nothing bad either. It's just passable padding for those who can't wait for more James Bond or something.
  7. Thanks for adding me as your friend! :D

  8. Yes I have. When I decided to switch from using DailyMotion to Netflix to watch episodes, I accidentally passed over "Trade Ya!" To this day I still have yet to go back to that episode, but honestly it doesn't look like it's worth my time.
  9. CharlotteR-MLP

    Hello everypony :3

    Hey there. Glad you could stop by our site and hopefully stay active here Enjoy your stay through almost robotic repetition.
  10. Of course, while I don't expect anyone that's at the level of, say, an 100K following, I was wondering if any notable faces from other sites have ever joined here? I'm curious.
  11. Faust has constatnly stated in interviews and other parts of the internet that the ultimate goal for Twilight was to reach this ascension to princesshood, so stop asking. The toys are just what Hasbro typically makes.
  12. While I would watch something like the gender-bent episode a lot of you are bringing up, as I find it a rather interesting trope that just doesn't seem to be brought out enough, but for the most part, the whole point of the show was to give proper limelight and quality to female personalities so that they don't appear as inferior to males, and why would they do that? Media is so filled with male leads that at this point we need to have fully-female casts just to balance it out. Besides, we've already seen that they kinda suck at portraying guys in the show, just look at just about any episode
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