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  1. Gonna go with Captain Celaeno, liked her design, personality and voice.
  2. ThePiDay

    You just got kissed by the above user's avatar

    This is going to kill me right
  3. Yeah, if I do get around making them I'll let you know.
  4. I've actually been thinking about writing fan episode scripts for some time now, might give it a shot.
  5. Hap-py Nightmare Night

    or day

  6. Wait what but my door is locked I'm
  7. ThePiDay

    What does the avatar above you eat?

    Sweets, lots and lots of sweets.
  8. Aaaa, I finally decided to come back and check this site again, the recent months of my life have been busy, tiring, but great things have happened.

  9. Happy birthday my dood

  10. ThePiDay

    Request Shop PiDay's Drawings Shop

    Hi all, I know I haven't done any requests recently, I've just been a little inactive in this forum. But I will try to catch up and do all of the requests I still need to do .Yes, I do.
  11. For the first time, my favorite thing about an episode was it's lesson.

  12. That face.

    1. ThePiDay


      Truly the best