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  1. Rara is Season 5's best new character, epic voice and so relate-able!

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      And best nickname.

  2. Found my DSI :D Finally can play Animal Crossing :P

    1. Kyoshi


      Ah, the DSi, such a classic handheld. :3

    2. Rainbow Dash Fan
    3. Rainbow Dash Fan

      Rainbow Dash Fan

      The 3DS hurt my eyes while I was testing it out in Game, so I didn't get it and bought Animal Crossing Wild World for the DSi instead

  3. Just saw an ad for 'Doodle God'. Wonder who came up with that.

  4. Puzzle is ADORABLE :3

    1. Holiday Agnaktor

      Holiday Agnaktor

      Puzzle? Who's puzzle? :3

  5. Nyahhh. I literally hate my Maths teacher -_- So whenever we don't finish a sheet, she sets it for homework even though we have THREE MORE LESSONS WE COULD DO THE SHEET IN!!!! JUST WHY D:

  6. A Starlight Glimmer toy with a Nerf gun? HECK YEAH I'D BUY THAT XD
  7. Just watched the finale.. IT'S SO GOOD :D And baby Dashie was adorable, I like how she was really confused with Twilight, it made me giggle :P

    1. shynight01


      ya i loved seeing baby dash

    2. Ponies4Bronies


      Filly Dashie is so cute(just don't tell her that we all know what she will say...)

    3. shynight01
  8. Just ate a Viking-style oatcake... NEVER AGAIN

    1. Holiday Agnaktor

      Holiday Agnaktor


      Sounds evillll.... O.o

  9. Fire, Strictly Come Dancing, a puppy who hates chimney brushes... what could be better :D

  10. 2 weeks until I'm able to buy a shire on my favourite video game :D

    1. The Derpy Hooves
    2. Rainbow Dash Fan

      Rainbow Dash Fan

      Star Stable, it's not as girly as it sounds.... Just like MLP!

  11. That would have been amazing to release! Can you say 'massive shoutout' or what?!
  12. Rainbow Dash: I wish I was an earth pony Rarity: I'm going to grow vegetables on my table! Applejack: Uncle Orange and Aunt Orange are better than my own family Twilight Sparkle: Books are for nerds Fluttershy: ANGEL, I'm putting you up for adoption! (Oh how I would like to see that happen) Pinkie Pie: Gummy is boring
  13. Well, when I was in Year 1 at school (5-6 year olds), even liking fairies was a target for bullying. So I can imagine that for little girls, they feel like they can't watch the show because (mostly boys, no offence bronies) other children might laugh at them for doing so. I know alot of children in Year 1 from my primary school (I still miss my Year 6 class ;_ watched stuff like Teen Titans Go and Steven Universe, so I feel like society has affected little girls too.
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