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  1. Gravity falls.......... Now, if we're talking shows we like to rewatch because it's amazing, I would say PMMM (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
  2. I completely forgot to do this xD I'll do my character after I draw her, which might not be done until the morning
  3. xD I have to go out to eat, but would it be ok if like, my characters traveled with Thunder? If not, thats ok....... one of them is kinda over protective of the other one Im playing anyway xD
  4. lol.. I played black flag, but I can look up anything if need be
  5. Alright, thats fine! And yes, I prefer female.
  6. We can start with random fights an enemies, and develop a plot from there. ^.^
  7. Soooo...................... should this be like, an assassin x pheasant, or assassin x assassin? Either one is fine. I just need to know what kind of pony I'm playing before we start. Also, can you describe/post a ref for the character your going to use's looks? If you want to describe it it can be via roleplay. thread)
  8. So you still want me to make the thread? yeah! Do you want me to make the thread?
  9. Silvy

    Hello! ^.^

    I sew and all, and then RD is more my personality xD.................. Im not really a bigshot though And yasss! LUNAR EMPIRE FTW!!!! xD
  10. yeah........ I feel like an idiot now because I meant to say "Thread" instead of private lol
  11. Alright! Do you want me to make it private?