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  1. i drew this today. I use ArtRage Studio Pro on my mac to do my art. I enjoy making Undertale art and looking at art of others.
  2. looks really good. I use ArtRage Studio Pro on my mac to do my art. it is a good program.
  3. i drew this not long ago. it is an Undertale and MLP crossover OC i have seen others of Asriel MLP forms but didn't see one for the form you battle before he goes to final form. Name: Asriel Dreemurr Gender: Male Species:Goat Cutie Mark: Royal Symbol of the Dreemurr family. Looks: he wears his royal clothes.
  4. i play the way that is the coolest way to me. Pokemon Yellow Beat the four with just my lv 100 Pikachu named JohnLennon. Pokemon Y got a special Pikachu with surf beat the four with it and my zoura. both lv 100 Pokemon Omega Ruby I used my Mew and Mewtwo lv100 for Pokemon Moon and Sun i will wait and enjoy the game. I also nickname my pokemon and waste hours petting them and raising their friendships I been nicknaming them MLP names in my new run of Pokemon Y yes i reset and do the game again with a new selection and new Pokemon i do gain shinies as well. Many next run i will nickname them after Undertale names.
  5. i am about a 20 lowest in the cute looks cause i am ugly and fat i am about 50 in the smarts i am not to bright due to my disabilities i am not very good at drawing but i love fan fictions i got imagination I am 100 in Kindness.
  6. undertale as well as Fallout 3 i also play animal crossing and Pokemon i like Harvest moon too.
  7. i have a cat named Kiki. I got her on Halloween. Her colors make her look a bit like a pumpkin. She is one year and 3/2 months old.
  8. been playing undertale

  9. http://markiplierlover99.deviantart.com/art/Mythic-Chord-and-Flowerhearts-587062836 my OCs FlowerHearts and Mythic Chord.
  10. Alibeatle FlowerHearts that way i have the canon ponysona before Hasbro gets the FlowerHearts. she can be called Aley or just FlowerHearts to shorten it thanks for yours guys help. she will have her story up on wattpad soon and i will link it to you guys if you are interested.
  11. so i updated my OC's well everything. and now i just need help with the name i thorn between two names FlowerHearts and AlicornBeatles. the reasons behind both names: AlicornBeatles: it is my username on here, youtube and twitter FlowerHearts: in the canon a lot of ponies are named based on their cutie marks. so there is that. and i am going to be doing a story for her as well back story leading upwards towards future adventure for her. any help you can give will be great. thanks in advance
  12. i am just OMG OMG i still can't sum up my feels.
  13. smiles my cat is so cute. >^^<

  14. my oc is: Alicorn looks like the John Lennon earth pony that shown up in the episode party pooped is female for use of my youtube which will have an animation (hopefully) picture: http://markiplierlover99.deviantart.com/art/Alicorn-John-Lennon-565218926