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  1. aria_ash

    drawings lul

    just some new drawings i guess, working on doing them digitally, but will take a while
  2. aria_ash


    im hoping to do something like kilala97 did, like a story thingy......... (almost forgot to put credit in *phew*)
  3. aria_ash


    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! been a while, sowwy i havent been around, got a new computer, which then broke and had a mishap with my account and personal life aint doin that well BUT IM BACK!! hopefully for goood been doin some arts in my absence and hope you like dems :3
  4. aria_ash

    school drawings!

    thankyou matey =D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D /)^3^(\ thank-yousss thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks! i did that, but the lines made the drawing weird *made them looked like they were in jail or sometin......* ANYWAY thanksssssssssssssssssssss
  5. aria_ash

    school drawings!

    some drawings ive done at school, so many for 3 days!
  6. aria_ash

    Searching roleplay

    oh, i had no idea x3 sorry anyways
  7. aria_ash

    Searching roleplay

    just an adventure action sorta things thanks, though i just used bases X3
  8. aria_ash

    Searching roleplay

    (so the one in your profile picture? x3)
  9. just looking for anypony who might wanna do a fun rp, yeah。 my pony-self (Auroura) is below, and just ignore the cute marks, she’s actaully a blank flank
  10. aria_ash


    oh, well................................... smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile smile
  11. aria_ash


    my family are aussie, they dont take to kindly to anything (i ams the same。。。 its in me blood!) anyways, das coooooooools here's my favourite, and best, of my fanfics : ps: it is no-where near done, but bloody writers block
  12. aria_ash


    hell yeah! i used to be into fanfics but writers block got the better of me =( but ive really got good at drawings ponies, though my family give me shit about it(i just give them shit about the things like, makes ‘em shutup real quick ) i must find it!!!! *off too turn oover my suitcase*
  13. aria_ash


    actually, now that you mention it, i drew one in Paris, cause rarity would love Paris so much! unfortunately i cant find it....................
  14. aria_ash


    im nearly done tho, so not tooooo much waiting time my drawing hand is itching to get back to work!
  15. aria_ash


    sooon, i have homework to do ( ) so you'll have to wait till i finish that unfortuantely