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  1. until

    This zebra will be going, my first ever con. So excited!
  2. I will be attending, it will be my first ever convention I will be going to and I'll be going with my parents. I also plan on debuting my Blaise Zebrataur costume during the Cosplay Fashion Show on Saturday in the Hall of the Sun during the Non-MLP Costumes category.
  3. Well it's official, I bought tickets to go to BronyCon this year. I'm both excited and nervous, never been to a convention before.

  4. I am super excited to announce that I will be going to my first convention in August, the last ever BronyCon.

    Should things go as I have planned, I'll be debuting my brand new costume of my OC, Blaise Zebrataur, at the con.

    1. Brony Number 42

      Brony Number 42

      BronyCon is the best thing ever! :pinkie:

    2. Polarismoon


      Nice ! to bad its the last one ever though.

  5. In a update to things going on in my life, I have changed my character name and have retired Oreius as my main character. I had a bad breakup and felt it was time to move on and start fresh, so I got a commission and the artist drew me as a winged Zebrataur. So I'd like to introduce you all to Blaise Zebrataur.*flaps wings and waves nervously.*
  6. I would like to introduce my new fursona/persona, Blaise Zebrataur.

    bandicam 2018-12-08 17-53-20-269.jpg

    1. Lunas Secret Lover

      Lunas Secret Lover

      And they say originality is dead. 

  7. No this is not, it uses a racing game called NR2003(NASCAR Racing 2003 Season) as a base and I hold series using different cars and such and Rainbow Dash is the sponsor of the trucks, since it's my favorite series. There is however a full complete carset were the cars are mad entirely of pony schemes and such.
  8. I am here seeking help from my brony friends. I host a YouTube racing league called the SCRL(Stock Car Racing League) and in honor of the best pony, Rainbow Dash, I named my third highest series, the truck series, in honor of her, the SCRL Rainbow Dash Truck Series. I already have a great friend making thumbnails for my races and he made a awesome logo for the series which will be shown below, but in order to go all out, I was thinking of either having a small animation as like an intro video of Dash talking and putting over the series and maybe a custom song in her voice. So hopefully someone here can do her voice, and/or, knows of someone in the community that can help me out in any way possible. Thanks Brohoof /)
  9. My new oc/fursona/persona, Blaise the Zebrataur. And he's got wings!


  10. Thanks for following me.

    Brohoof /)

  11. Really hoping I get to go to BronyCon next year, but the odds are like 5% chance of me going.