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  1. GamerLunaLuver117

    Gaming Thoughts on forming a black ops 3 brony clan? (Ps4)

    Absoulutly again ive been tere and done that with being really good, i just wanna have fun skill et or skill in general doesnt matter, there have been some delays with my playstaion, just alot of b.s in general but when its up and running and the clan is set up i will p.m all of you.
  2. GamerLunaLuver117

    Gaming Thoughts on forming a black ops 3 brony clan? (Ps4)

    Cool! I will when my ps4 is back to working
  3. GamerLunaLuver117

    Looking for some Gaming Buddies

    Wha!? Other brony gamers!? Oh joy! I'm so in on this! I'm setting up a steam when my Mac gets back from the shop and I play a crazy amount of c.o.d on my ps4 (its getting fixed too don't ask -_-) but I was always the only brony in any party and my clan, this is so cool!
  4. GamerLunaLuver117

    Gaming Thoughts on forming a black ops 3 brony clan? (Ps4)

    That's fine lol skill doesn't matter just wanna play dude
  5. GamerLunaLuver117

    Ask Wraith Watcher!

    Wraith: "well I mean yeah me and gamer get along, I respect him as much as any pony could and would never-" Gamer: " WRAITH!! when I find you your dead! You've over written my final fantasy game for the last time!" Wraith: " he found out sooner than I thought! I'm just going to.." Gamer: "there you are! Hey come back here!"
  6. GamerLunaLuver117

    Hello Everypony /)

    Bro don't even trip its just how I roll any pony who loves ponies is ok in my book, consider yourself befriended!
  7. GamerLunaLuver117

    So, hello, I guess.

    Sup dude! Welcome and all that stuff, honestly I'm just excited to see what art someone like you is brining to the table! Bet its going to be amazing, and I'm already prepping to mash the brohoof button on all of it! Good luck and happy browsing!
  8. GamerLunaLuver117

    Hello Everypony /)

    What's up my fellow brony? I know that you don't know me, But I like to welcome, Most all of the new ponies, So while my rhyme welcomes you, I hope it will suffice, And let you branch out to all, Cause most of us are nice! (Drops Mike, #FBGM!)
  9. GamerLunaLuver117

    GameSmash Studios Help Wanted

    Yo i got you in beta testing bro! When my Mac gets back from my buddy with a new screen I'll be in business so about a week then I'm on it if you need me pm me for skype info!
  10. GamerLunaLuver117

    Hello Everypony!

    Sup and welcome! Hope you find everything your looking for! Happy browsing!
  11. So my ps4 is being fixed right now and black ops 3 isn't even out so this is just thoughts and speculation, I have heavy clanwars diamond division experience in advanced warfare but I really want to take a step back and enjoy just playing a game with clan members that won't mess with me about the show I watch. So I was thinking of forming my own clan (the name of which would be "Gamer Lunas Legion" but that can change as well hahahahaha!) and wanted to see any thoughts or suggestions you guys!
  12. GamerLunaLuver117

    Ask Wraith Watcher!

    Wraith: " yeah Gamer brought it home one time. "Brain fuck" the easiest way to describe it honestly. Not my favorite cause it made me think too much .."Gamer: "you hate anything that makes you think." Wraith: "exactly. If I thought too much I'd be like you and your a dick." Gamer: "I'm not responding to that."
  13. GamerLunaLuver117

    Ask Wraith Watcher!

    Wraith: "I don't always dream, but when I do I dream of Luna. And electric sheep....stay sleepy my friends." Gamer:"that'd be alot funnier if you were an android..." Wraith: "shut up..your ruining the moment" Wraith "ahhh well I've always been a fan of the power ponies comics and movies. Then gamer brought home deadpool...I fell in love...and might have even touched m-" Gamer: "ok ok ok that's enough! You liked it! you like him! We get it!"
  14. GamerLunaLuver117

    Ask Wraith Watcher!

    Wraith: "food? What's that?" Gamer: "its the stuff you eat when your not passed out on the couch"....*facehoof* Wraith: " oh yeah..sushi for sure then. Because I usually can't get not fresh its a rare occasion I get to enjoy it!"
  15. GamerLunaLuver117

    Music Thoughts on 8 bit mixes

    Nope! Well lets see if this works!