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  1. I want people to know that I'm not dead I just mostly lurk around here instead of posting.

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      That's fine, do whatever you want. :)

  2. It got removed from the original channel because of copyright. All I can find now are reaction videos to it. Does anyone know if someone archived it or put it on another video website?
  3. I kind of wish the animation was more like Lullaby For a Princess, but it would probably take way too damn long to do a whole movie like that. I wish deadlines didn't exist for making movies.
  4. Twilight - Worker's Party of Korea Rainbow Dash - Libertarian Party Applejack - Republican Party Rarity - None Fluttershy - Green Party Pinkie Pie - Mario Party
  5. Do whatever da fuck I want! : D
  6. I want to know what dvds there are that have the most episodes on them. Are there any that have like 3 complete seasons or something?
  7. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa. There's something about the piano that gives the same annoyance to my ear as a mosquito buzzing. And I don't really like trap in general. And I've never seen Fast and Furious.
  8. My god, I really dislike those guys. They're so full of themselves and act more like little girls than the ones the show is directed towards.
  9. April 2012. I really wish I could explain exactly how I feel about all this, but it would be a really long essay and it would sound so tangled when in my mind it's clear as a crystal. All I can say right now is that it's not just mlp itself that makes these changes, it's just growing up in general that has changed people in this community (at least me) that can be a reason for these changes.
  10. How would you rank each one in general? Also, Flurry Heart can be included in Twilight's family, but Celestia and Luna can't (they're Twilight's niece in laws). You can include Spike. Applejack's family can only include her relatives and Granny Smith. No extended family members.
  11. Well, it seemed very fast paced. I felt like I was watching Faily Odd Parents at times.
  12. -I hate Equestria Girls and find it unnecessary. -I don't care how bad the show gets for some people. I'm watching it until the end. -I think the movie is going to flop/suck. I know it's bad to judge something by the cover, but there's so many characters on the cover that it reminds me of Titanic: The Legend Goes On. Also because of the big amount of new characters, it looks like Twilight is going to get 90% of the protagonist spotlight while the other 5 get shoved off a big event again.
  13. Ha! sicker than your average poppa twist cabbage off instinct niggas don't think shit stink pink gators, my detroit players, tim's for my hooligans in brooklyn-
  14. Yes because I get to skip school. At least a little bit of it.
  15. The movie's gonna flop lol

  16. I just drew a character 5 seconds ago called "Can literally destroy anything man". He can beat Goku. He's the most powerful fictional character of all time.
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