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  1. Lauriferous

    Movies/TV What anime are you currently watching?

    Right now I'm re-watching Valkyria Chronicles. The last time I watched this was 2009. Can't believe I never watching it other than that one's a really great show. Not as good as the game it's based on, but the characters are fun to watch.
  2. Lauriferous

    General What's your ideal weekend?

    I usually like to watch TV, play some video games, and maybe read for a bit and get lost in my thoughts. The weekends are my preferred lazy days.
  3. Lauriferous

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Hungry! Almost dinnertime. =9
  4. Lauriferous

    SnowStars drawings

    Great artwork! Very nice drawings. ^^
  5. Lauriferous

    apart from FIM what else do you obsess about?

    Disney/Pixar movies, TMNT, and a lot of video games.
  6. Lauriferous

    Is Summer or Winter good where you live?

    Both the winters and summers here are extreme. The winters are long and cold, and lately there's a guaranteed blizzard every season. The summers are hot, humid, and muggy. The A/C is on all the time.
  7. Lauriferous

    What is your favorite fruit?

    Kiwi and pears for me.
  8. Lauriferous

    What sounds are you currently hearing?

    The television, and air conditioner.
  9. Lauriferous

    Movies/TV Anypony know of any good animes that are not rated MA?

    I'd recommend: - Glass Mask - Hime-chan's Ribbon - Kimi ni Todoke - Lovely Complex - Mujin Wakusei Survive All fantastic shows, and with no violence at all. Most of these are shoujo, and very light-hearted. If you're looking to laugh, I highly recommend Lovely Complex. If you're looking for more of a drama, watch Glass Mask.
  10. Lauriferous

    Health How often do you shower ( or bath )?

    I shower once a day, usually in the morning. The only exception is if I'm doing yard work, then I usually take a second shower.
  11. Lauriferous

    Where Are You From?

    I'm from the USA. More specifically, one of the Mid-Atlantic states.
  12. Lauriferous

    How do you sleep?

    In pajamas, on my side. Although every night I start off sleeping on my back and somehow when I wake up I'm always on my side. No idea how this keeps happening. lol
  13. Lauriferous

    Your least favorite fruits and vegetables

    Mushrooms and peas are my least favorite vegetables. The aftertaste is absolutely horrible. Least favorite fruit...that's a tough one since I like many different kinds. I guess grapefruit just because it's so tart and bitter.
  14. Lauriferous

    Favorite brands?

    Gotta be Apple for me. I don't think I could live without my iPod or iMac.
  15. Lauriferous

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Stuffed, because I just ate a huge dinner.