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  1. Aurora Lightning

    Where does Sunset Shimmer live?

    How do you know? And does she live alone or is she adopted?
  2. Aurora Lightning

    How old are the equestria girls?

    Well I have to eliminate years first. I'm eliminating freshmen year because they mentioned the freshmen year already. I'm also eliminating Sophomore year because Rarity clearly said in the first movie "Freshmen Year they were very, very popular" and if they were Sophomore, she would've said "Last year they were very, very popular" So it leaves me to either Junior or Senior year, I'm guessing Senior Year because Dean Cadence mentioned in Friendship Games to Twilight about "finishing up her time at Crystal Prep." I hope Hasbro answers that question soon though. :/ Because those are personally my predictions. Also there were three pictures of the fall formal and that would mean 1 for freshmen year, 1 for sophomore year, and 1 for junior year. I also think that the CMC are Freshmen. They would be Freshmen and they mentioned Freshmen year already (Once by Rarity about the ears and tails being popular in Freshmen year and the Freshmen Fair)
  3. Aurora Lightning

    Music What's your ringtone?

    Righteous Rebels By Otis And The Shoreway Saints (Nobody knows the band or the song , mainly because Otis and the Shoreway Saints is a local band ) Righteous Rebels By Otis And The Shoreway Saints (Nobody knows the band or the song , mainly because Otis and the Shoreway Saints is a local band )
  4. First of all, I'm a female, and second of all, I grew out of that habit a month or two ago :/ Not trying to be rude
  5. Aurora Lightning

    Japanese Word of the Day 10/21/15

    My mom knows Japanese because she took a class when she was in school, My school only has Spanish and French but I take French
  6. Aurora Lightning

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Here's how I look, I think I need glasses because my eyesight is HORRIBLE
  7. Aurora Lightning

    3rd Movie- Friendship Games- Fall 2015

  8. Aurora Lightning

    What Do The CMC Do In Equestria Girls?

    I Actually Hope That Hasbro Answers That Question Soon...... Or Actually Tell Us
  9. I've Been Wondering This For Quite Some Time Now, What Do The CMC Do In Equestria Girls World? We All Know That They Try To Discover Their True Talents In Friendship Is Magic But Cutie Marks Don't Exist In Equestria Girls World, So What Do They Do? Tell Me Your Thoughts And Theories About It.... And They're Called The Cutie Crusaders In The Equestria Girls World Because Cutie Marks Don't Exist In That World So What Do They Do? I Have A Theory Myself, I Think That They Wanna Become Famous, Just Tell Me Your Thoughts About It..... I Wanna Know Your Thoughts And Theories.....
  10. Aurora Lightning

    Your thoughts on alicorns...

    I Honestly Think That They Don't Need More Allicorns, 4 Is Enough....
  11. Actually, They're Completely Different Movies, I Know That Some Of The Stuff Are The Same But It Has A Different Plot, Rainbow Rocks Is About Music And Stopping A Villain Group From Feeding Off Magic To Make Everyone Fight, And Equestria Girls Is About Twilight Trying To Win The Fall Formal Crown And Uniting Friendship..... But I Do Hope That There Isn't An Argument With CHS Students In Friendship Games, They've Done That With Equestria Girls And Rainbow Rocks, They Need To Start Clean
  12. Aurora Lightning

    Spoiler Season 5 Episode & Synopsis List

    It's Just A Prediction....... But The CMC Need Separate Episodes With Their Cutie Marks..... In My Opinion.......