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  1. Eh, sure! I don't mind hugging the grandma.
  2. It's Venom, so nope.
  3. Mega Thread

    My PC is pretty bad, with a Core 2 Duo E6550, a GTX 650 Ti, and 4 GB of RAM I'm planning to buy a i7 3960X and a GTX 980 for cheap prices on ebay, and using them to build a new PC, the PC should be fine and I wouldn't need to use too much money to buy new parts.
  4. Mega Thread

    7/10, it's pretty alright.
  5. 8/10, pretty good.
  6. I'm back after being away for a huge while, I guess.

  7. Can someone make art of my friend's OC? She is really sad and I want to make her feel better :c

  8. Request

    Hello, everyone. I have a request, which is basically something for my friend. And, please, I beg, no recolors, my friend doesn't want these. Alright, here's the pony: Cutie Mark: Colors - Body: R255 G245 B0 Mane Black: R0 G0 B0 Mane Cyan: R0 G200 B255 Eyes: R255 G0 B0 Thanks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
  9. Mega Thread This is actually quite funny.
  10. Leonardo from TMNT.
  11. Mega Thread

    Wow, that's rude. You don't even bother saying why. I said this before, and I'll say it again, I don't like FNAF. To be honest, I hate it, I just like the profile picture. Also, 7/10 to the post above.
  12. I really wish she had more screentime, that we could see her more often. Honestly, I think she even deserves her own episode, even Luna has her own episodes.
  13. 8/10. It's just hilarious.