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  1. power strike

    Do you have a special somepony?

    im ok with being single but most of the time i really want a special somepony....been lonely for a long time there i said it XD as for what flutter shy says in the canterlot garden: LOVE ME !! XD lol im just kidding but if i ever want to be with someone i have to get to know them first there is a lot of cheaters out there <. <
  2. power strike

    What is your gender identity?

    i am male ! (: although i wonder what its like to be a girl sometimes XD
  3. power strike

    A new way to introduce fluttershy's brother ?

    lol i know but its much better then what we were introduced with but the diffrence...all of her friends dont know who her brother is XD
  4. So why does everyone knows about fluttershys brother ? i just think they should introduce him much better instead ohh hey here he is ! XD show comes on : rainbow dash helps fluttershy with her animals and while she is doing that rainbow dash noticed derpy delivering the mail and rainbow told fluttershy that she has some mail and she went ohh ok i always check it after i feed the animals , goes to the mail box and sees the letter from her parents and she reads : dear fluttershy we would like for you to have a visit later on today for a nice visit with your parents.... flutter shy goes ohhh ok ? but she noticed ps , ps. you also your brother is coming along for the visit this evening. and then fluttershy goes : my brother !! ? then the opening theme song opens. so is this way much better ? XD
  5. watching south park all over again lol and made a new psn account XD
  6. power strike

    (Closed for catch up)

    as i said before i can only make your oc out of pony maker and i think i came verry close to matching yours ^^
  7. power strike

    (Closed for catch up)

    Hmmm i can only do pony maker but i can make two pony maker ocs for you one of vampria heart and a new oc for ya if you wish becouse i love the freaked ot expression thr first one and i love the last one (to this kind of style) if u can do both i would be hapilly do a pony maker oc of your oc and a new oc for you hope its not too much trouble. And i would pick my oc for it i dont think my persona would look good with those expressions so just my oc ^^ you can download the pic on my profile. ^^
  8. i think i put on on here but i made a brony account for psn so you can add me just let me know its you on the forums but message me i dont want to put this one on the post just in message ^^
  9. power strike

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    i know how you feel about wanting to come out
  10. power strike

    Grossest foods you have eaten

    for me kalimari (hope i spelled it right) i almost thought it was onion rings when i was on my vacation in domanican republic they looked a lot like onion rings i had a first taste of it then a seconed taste thats when i relized it was kalimri and it tastes so gross the seconed time! weird i didnt catch it the first time maybe i ate it too fast but ya eww! and olives i cant stand the mell or the taste on pizza ! anf muchrooms and cherrys (yes call me crazy XD lol )
  11. welli had 4 heart surgurys and my 4th one was 2 years ago and when i had 2 tubes on my left and right side of me they took them out of me while being awake that was the most painfull ever !
  12. power strike

    Do you usually wake up early?

    sleep? who needs sleep ? lol im mostly a night owel myself since i work nights mostlyand its 4 am for me now so i dont really get up in the mornings besides family visits or going on camping trips but normal everyday? nope! lol.
  13. power strike

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    hey there i finally made a skype account i dont want to put it out of no ware so you will have to message me for it ! and i only message there no calls ! or video calls!
  14. power strike

    mega thread What is your sexuality ?

    So i finally figured out that i am gay and sticking to it
  15. power strike

    General Who's in a relationship?

    Pretty much single have been for a long time and i am Currently looking.just need to get to know someone first lol