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  1. well looks like ill be making a new account...dont werry ill add you guys back !

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    2. power strike

      power strike

      email trouble xD but dont werry ill add all of you guys back and ill let you know it was me ^^ it would be the same profile just a new one

    3. viper213


      okay cya soon

    4. Randimaxis




      Make sure you delete your old account after you get your new one going, please! {:>

  2. So my birthday is in july...what to have would be funny to have my oc in a birthday hat and eating pinkies cake with out permission and she gets me that mad stare glance XD lol!

    1. Flutterstrike ⚡️⚡️⚡️

      Flutterstrike ⚡️⚡️⚡️

      Lol. That would be awesome xD

    2. power strike

      power strike

      I know right ? xD

  3. *sigh* starting to hate being alone : /

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    2. Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      Shadow Dash DJ Rod

      you should add me on skype

      and *hugs*

    3. power strike

      power strike

      I have remember ? Lol *hugs*

    4. Apple-Jack


      You're never alone :^ even you didnt find some special pony (: you always got your friends you always got us the members of the forums we're a family and I dont know about the others but I will not let you feel alone ^-^

  4. just seen the kh 2.8 trailer....i cant wait till december !!!!

  5. omg i found my childhood game wayy back ! : D and its on steam !

    1. viper213


      *squee* yay good for ya congrats you know what this means right

    2. power strike

      power strike

      and i played this when i was little in school and it was a demo ! in a computer lab XD

      major stryker is what its called

    3. viper213


      never heard of it but this calls for a party *whistles and a huge amount of people smash through the wall* wooooooo hooo party * kicks juke box into action which plays (she is a maniac) I get a weird look from you* what its a good party

  6. im ok with being single but most of the time i really want a special somepony....been lonely for a long time there i said it XD as for what flutter shy says in the canterlot garden: LOVE ME !! XD lol im just kidding but if i ever want to be with someone i have to get to know them first there is a lot of cheaters out there <. <
  7. mehh i cant sleep XD

  8. i am male ! (: although i wonder what its like to be a girl sometimes XD
  9. if u can see it my cutie mark is a power button with a lighting strike infront of it thats also why i named him power strike ^^

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    2. power strike
    3. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      Ah, woops. I don't have a completed of page for him yet but here's what I have. Basically a backstory and rough color concept.


    4. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      oc* page, not of page, autocorrect got me.

  10. I know there isnt a mood settings on your profile but illl just put one here lol Current mood:lonely. I think they should include this option XD

    1. Totally Roseluck

      Totally Roseluck

      Current mood: agreed

      That's a mood, right? :P

    2. Thuja


      I'm pretty damned excited right now~!! Sending you some good vibes~~~!

  11. lol i know but its much better then what we were introduced with but the diffrence...all of her friends dont know who her brother is XD
  12. So why does everyone knows about fluttershys brother ? i just think they should introduce him much better instead ohh hey here he is ! XD show comes on : rainbow dash helps fluttershy with her animals and while she is doing that rainbow dash noticed derpy delivering the mail and rainbow told fluttershy that she has some mail and she went ohh ok i always check it after i feed the animals , goes to the mail box and sees the letter from her parents and she reads : dear fluttershy we would like for you to have a visit later on today for a nice visit with your parents.... flutter shy goes ohhh ok ? but she noticed ps , ps. you also your brother is coming along for the visit this evening. and then fluttershy goes : my brother !! ? then the opening theme song opens. so is this way much better ? XD
  13. watching south park all over again lol and made a new psn account XD
  14. if you want to add me on psn its on my profile ^^ yes i know i made one before a few days ago but this psn name sound much better ^^

    1. power strike

      power strike

      message me on there before add me so ill know its you.