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  1. GamerDash2012

    What was the last food you ate?

    Totally authentic Mexican food.
  2. GamerDash2012

    why you started watching MLP?

    This magical thing called YouTube Poop... And my friend was showing me the show itself about 7 months before I became a brony. It was the Season 2 finale. Okay, I probably shouldn't have put the links there. I haven't watched the first one since I became a brony, so I forgot how much gore the first one had.
  3. GamerDash2012

    Guilty pleasure shippings?

    Pfft... FlutterDash, or DaShy if you wanna call it that.
  4. GamerDash2012

    Had the Concept Art Survived...

    I still can't believe it was 2008 when Faust designed the ponies as they were today... I wonder if animation for Season 1 was done in 2009.
  5. GamerDash2012

    What made you stay in MLP fandom?

    The show is great. Plus, why would I leave the brony community, after four years? I'll keep being a brony.
  6. GamerDash2012

    What would you like to see in Season 7?

    You read my mind. Yes, we definitely need episodes revolving around them.
  7. GamerDash2012

    Gaming Games you have NEVER finished

    Just about every game I have ever played. In Forza Motorsport 6, the only things I really do are these: buy car, test drive, upgrade, never touch again.
  8. This is a little bit early for Veteran's Day, but I want to ask all of you a question. Do you know anyone that served in the military? And did they influence you at all? For me, it's my parents. My mom has been in the Army for 22 years (Late 1991-9/1/2014), and retired as a LTC. My dad was in for 23 years April 1991-10/1/2014), and also retired as a LTC. This has allowed us to live in places like Washington D.C, Germany, and Ukraine.
  9. Truth hurts. That's probably why she didn't win.
  10. GamerDash2012

    Make America Great Again

    You're a proud democrat, aren't you? Look, just stay calm. A lot of things Trump said he'd do (e.g. Wall, deporting illegals), isn't gonna happen. He's not gonna be a dictator. Just... let it fly.
  11. GamerDash2012

    Pinkie's crush on Shining Armor

    Lemme think of some good ships: Shining Pie Pinkie Armor ...and I just ran out of ideas.
  12. Will this mean that the animation might look a little bit different?
  13. GamerDash2012

    Do you like walking at night?

    I love walking at night. It allows me to think stuff I don't normally think of. (e.g. I wonder if I can see Luna on the moon?" I also like it because it calms me down when I'm stressed out.
  14. GamerDash2012

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I'm feeling a little bit hazy. Sir, your username explained it all. No need for spilling your lunch.
  15. GamerDash2012

    General What were you doing just 10 minutes ago?

    Testing my fire alarm system in my Roblox world.