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    Your favourite...

    Don't have one. Favorite time of the day?
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  5. Well, when I am not sleeping, I usually listening to music, watch some series at Netflix or I am active in this Forum (Mostly the game section).
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    Mega Thread Count to a million

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    Mega Thread Count to a million

    460859 hi Morning Swirls ... although I have already late afternoon here XD
  10. IronM17

    Do you take any medicine daily?

    Nope, luckily not (until now). I only have to take medicine when I am sick. But this is luckily not really often the case.
  11. It is cold (0°C) and a sun-cloud-mix. Really nice weather. The most of the snow from last night is melted away, but a little bit lies still on the ground. I know that feeling. It also often happens that we have not much snow here in the Rhineland while other regions have more (the Rhineland is one of the warmest and snow freest regions of germany). What you writes reminds me on 2014 (worst winter ever). It was a really mild winter in whole germany, but there were two weeks in january where a lot of snow and really cold temperatures hits most parts of germany except my region, the Rhineland. We had over 5°C and Rain while another persons I know from different parts of germany wrote something about 20cm Snow and -10°C. But the last winters were often with little snow. And for now, the current winter is here in my region also more a flop winter because we had so far mostly rain and mild temperatures.
  12. IronM17

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    There are a few: USA (especially the southwest and Hawaii), Canada (especially British Columbia), Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Andalusia, Alps and Toscana. Where do you will make your next vacation?
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    Do you own the above thing or not?

    Yes, in my kitchen Do you own minerals like Amethyst or Quartz?