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  1. Wow, so many nice colors and patterns.
  2. Nothing at all. I am still in my bed and don't want to stand up.
  3. Thanks ^^ Mr. Good looking, the last person who said that to me was my former boyfriend. XD
  4. You mean that you thought it is warmer outside and go out without a jacket?
  5. IronM17

    Ask IronM17

    Same as usual. Standing around and looking good.
  6. I don't hate it to wake up on a monday. I hate it to wake up EARLY on a monday (or each day which is behind a free day). When I can sleep long enough, than a Monday is not the problem for me. But when I have to wake up at 6 AM, then I am usually bad-tempered.
  7. I usually shower all two days. Every day is not so good for the skin. I only shower every day when I am working or it is a really hot day.
  8. Don't have a favorite boop. Do you already have plans for Halloween?
  9. When the Chili peppers are freezing, why do they not wear more than only a scarf? How is it in DC? How is the weather? How are you? Have you already seen the finale? Or do you wait until the US release? Or do you even don't watch it?
  10. So, you are a bat now, huh? Are you a nice fruit bat or an evil vampire bat? Or are you batman? Can a bat drive a truck? And most important ... how are you?
  11. The Xenomorphs from Alien are really cool, but really a favorite monster? No, I don#t have one. What is your favorite Non-Pony Race in MLP?