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  1. I've seriously got to figure out how to participate here rather than lurk. >.>

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      Nothing wrong with lurking. I tend to do it myself quite a bit. ^_^

  2. Heads up guys. I've renamed this thread to help improve the clarity of the project. When the word 'podcast' was first invented, it was used to describe a publishing method; the format of the published content had nothing to do with whether it was a podcast. Doing a quick survey of a few folks, and it seems that word has changed meaning in the internet zeitgeist. For reference, the archaic definition I know is the one in the dictionary, namely: However, in the intervening years the word appears to have come to mean "a talking heads-style show". Examples of this new meaning would include things like This Week in Tech, or the Bombcast. While this is admittedly the most popular kind of podcast, it isn't the type that this project is intended to be. As such, I needed to choose a wording that more accurately communicated what I had intended for this show to be. The end result is that I will be calling this a bi-weekly DJ mix, rather than a podcast. I'm still going to be publishing a podcast (in the dictionary sense) but I won't refer to it as such from here on. If you're unfamiliar with the a DJ mix-style show, I would strongly suggest you check out the show that is my inspiration for this at With that out of the way, let's move on to answering a few comments. Agreed. Getting the information about that is part of the data collection process that will be involved with the collection of music for the show. The demo was about showing the format and auditioning a bit as a DJ, so that research hadn't been done yet (I still need to build a music acquisition pipeline,) and as such, I spoke only to what I had: the music was offered for use in the demo. This misinterpretation is why the name is changing. It is supposed to be a pre-recorded session of streaming audio. In the olden days of variety radio, this would be a once a week aired show called something like "New Music Showcase with Jazzy Stevens" or something similar. To quote myself in the opening thread: Rest assured though that you weren't alone in this interpretation of my archaic use of the word podcast. Hopefully that is a bit clearer with the new notation. My intention for intro/outro/liners is to write a single melody line and do some theme and variation to produce a few different forms; a strong and then falling intro, an ambient talkover, and a weak but rising outro. This is part of the process of developing the 'voice' of the show. You should hear that melody and think 'Oh, that's from XXXX' That's a more complicated subject. Regardless it's definitely worth thinking about and seeing if there's a right way to do it.
  3. Been a while since I posted some stuff here. Probably should update folks!
  4. Soooo sleepy but there will be no rest for the wicked.

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      Go to bed silly :)

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      That would be amazing. Sadly my employer discourages naptime. XD

  5. That's definitely not a bad plan. Thinking more on it, had I picked a different song order, I could have used one of the ones with a more DJ friendly intro as part of the initial spin up too. As for outtros, the honest fact is that I really need to start building up a repository of songs that start super slow that I can use to close shows up with, maybe even make a bit of an encore as it were. You know those songs where the actual music doesn't really start until the one minute mark? Or maybe even make/commission stuff I can use. Really what I need is to doodle a bit with theme and variation to give the ins and outs a unified feel. In any case, I really appreciate the feedback! I'm still not sure where to take things given the minimum of response the demo generated relative to the original pitch, but it is indeed something I'm still trying to work through so this is very helpful.
  6. Back to the drawing board on the podcast it seems. Or maybe I need to reallocate the project time.

  7. Okay, so we're a week in and no comments, so I'm gonna assume something between "if you can't say something nice say nothing" and "not interesting enough to mention" is driving the quiet. I'll head back to the drawing board and see what I can come up with as an alternative approach. Thanks a lot for your help so far guys, and I'll see you once the idea is reworked!
  8. Just a heads up, I the link seems to be busted. I'll look forward to hearing it when you finish though!
  9. My personal favorites include: PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder dBPony - Lessons WolfOfSadness - Big and Small Garden (No longer available on YouTube it seems) Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Dream Mode) Wooden Toaster - Rainbow Factory (Actually this PMV is better if you ask me as the extra impact sounds add a bunch to the song. YMMV)
  10. So I got the demo reel worked up. You can download a copy of it from Brony Radio Show 0.mp3. I tried to keep it brief, so you could get a feel for it quickly; just one intro, one crossover, and an outro. It's short, but you'll find the track list at the end. There's a few things I'd like to do differently going forward such as getting (and sharing) some information about the album and upcoming songs, getting a proper intro clip, shortening some of the songs to make them a bit more digestible, and general refinements in my DJing. However, those are just the things I can think of off hand, and I know there's going to be a ton of stuff I don't realize are problematic. So what needs improvement? What did you like? Track List and Acknowledgements: Find the Music in You - Brilliant Venture True True Friend - Brilliant Venture This Day Aria - Brilliant Venture Dj Rkod - Pulse (George Ellinas Remix) by George Elias as some fill music.
  11. TIS-100 stole my brain. I'll have that demo tomorrow evening, I swear!

  12. I'm super cliche and obviously would want Morgan Freeman to do the job. That said, if he's too busy narrating the rest of the English speaking world's life, I'd like to grab a random, angry, moderately drunk guy from Edinburgh, hand him a brief synopsis of the story so far, and see where he goes with it.
  13. The secret to killing a thread, let me talk in it. XD