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  1. angrycamper


  2. angrycamper

    needed animator

    I would love to help, but I can't help now since I am extremely busy with many other things. In a few months time if you are still looking for an animator I will most likely be completely available.
  3. angrycamper

    Need male voice

    >o< When I was looking for voice actors I was moved to this section. I thought If I put it in music someone would just move it here.
  4. angrycamper

    Need male voice

    I need a male voice that can sing, and has a good mic to use. The voice that I am looking for is an equivalent to this.... It is for a MLP parody song. I can't pay anyone, so this is just a free thing I am hoping for someone to do. You can do whatever you want with the finished parody, and so will I. There will most definitely be several takes on a single line, so if you do make it there will be a lot of re-singing to do. unless you're amazing at singing, and understand the breaks and tones of the song.
  5. angrycamper

    Star-Swirled the Bearded theory

    :'( never read any comics
  6. angrycamper

    Star-Swirled the Bearded theory

    It fits perfectly into the Timeline of Equestria. Watch the video! I wish they will add it to the show, also here is the other side =====>> It's obvious that people want it, and it makes sense in the story. It all depends on the writers,time, and animators!
  7. angrycamper

    Star-Swirled the Bearded theory

    Trying to find it Yamet, it was the picture/Theory that Discord was formerly Star-Swirl the Bearded. Here it is
  8. angrycamper

    Star-Swirled the Bearded theory

    After searching the internet, because of extreme boredom, I found something that makes perfect sense. I saw a picture that basically said Star-Swirled the Bearded eventually became Discord. I will search to find the picture, and post in the comments.
  9. angrycamper

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    Not hard to find me...just type in angrycamper
  10. Still searching for a Celestia Voice (must be pretty close to Nicole Oliver's)
  11. angrycamper

    copyright Infringement?

    PittyPaws. That is if you use a base that is under copyright, but if you draw your OC without a base then there is no legal trouble.
  12. angrycamper

    copyright Infringement?

    I am pretty sure that you can't make merch with characters or designs from the series without infringement, and sell it (correct me if I am wrong). I am wondering if you can make merch that is inspired by characters or designs from the show such as art or shirts with your OC or the art style, and sell it.
  13. I don't have any male voices planned right now, but I will use people's OC if they wanted me to put them in there with their voice or one that want.
  14. angrycamper


    There is a group on Facebook that is called "Brony Pegasister Federation". All they do is troll and humiliate anyone joining. They trick anyone that thinks its a MLP group. It's kind of like a troll bridge. I need help to report them, and if you want to see for your self be careful if you are easily offended.
  15. Now all I need is a VA for Celestia. If you can VA for any other voices then please message me I may need you. (no need for big mac, seems almost everyone can do his voice)