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Status Updates posted by angrycamper

  1. Been a long time since I last logged into this page.

  2. Welp.... can't wait till I make something for the fandom that can be posted here. Right now it's a lot of NSFW kinda stuff.

    1. 1111


      now that feeling ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. What I wish for Christmas is to have my warning points taken off >:(

  4. Making things that bounce.

  5. The thing I am writing for this fandom is punching me so hard in the feels. Can't wait till I get this animation out.

  6. :'/ didn't know how strict the no clop zone was. Did my best at deleting it, but that was fun to find out with a ban, and so many warning points

  7. Got my new sexy Wacom cintiq 13hd

  8. I have been busy for the past month. Now I have literally nothing to do, and am about to blow up of boredom.

  9. Project:Angry is about to go into effect. TWO MORE WEEKS!!!!!

  10. trying to figure out how to let people know I need Voice Actors for an animation.

    1. Omar


      You could either try creating a thread in the creative resources section or making a blog post about it. Though creating a thread would probably be the best out of the two.