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  1. Gratefully accepting the help, Night Shine finally took a moment to really have a look at their surroundings. She shifted her weight nervously as she saw all the other ponies. She hadn't noticed how many students were there when she got on the train, but now it felt like all the fillies and colts on the continent were here. Being noticeably smaller than most everyone else, it was hard for her to see very far, but she heard very distinctly when Cresent shouted about his luggage. She tried to shout after him, but, not wanting her own things to be left unattended, didn't go after him. Instead, Night decided her mission should be to find a teacher or faculty member or some other adult in charge to ask about her friend's predicament. Being on a specific mission made it easier for her to look out at all the different ponies without freezing up. She even stood on her suitcase to get a slightly better view. Surely there was someone around who could help with whatever luggage issues he had. She remembered having read about a spell that returned one's belongings, but she wasn't sure if she could cast it properly. Besides, she was pretty certain there were rules in place against using magic outside the protected area of the school.
  2. Daisy blushed, the pink tint showing up distinctly through her snow-white coat. No one had called her 'fine lady' before. "We should see what we can find in town." she turned and headed down the path, leading the way even though she was probably the least qualified guide. Mostly, she wanted to hide her face, and hopefully appear more confident. "I'm afraid my own magic is limited to the winds. Actually, not even that right now, not until I've had a decent rest."
  3. I don't know what 'Pinecest' is, but I do like those other three things. I stopped following Winx, but I think it's at least good for the kiddoes. For some reason it makes me think of W.I.T.C.H. though.
  4. Daisy had been hiding behind shadow since the stranger appeared. She'd never seen anything like him before. She held her wings close to her body, instinctually trying to look as small as possible when confonted by a sudden appearance. "Oh, uhm, my name is Daisy Dream." she stepped out from behind Shadow as she spoke. As she stood up straight, it became apparent she was more slim and small that most ponies. She stayed silent for a moment, but then decided that this newcomer wasn't that dangerous. "Shadow and I were just about to head into town. It looks like you need a place to rest and clean up as well. I should welcome your company." As they started down the path, she let out a small giggle, "What an interesting group we make, though."
  5. Night Shine had always been a little jealous of those ponies who could fly. Being able to get just about anywhere one would want to be by simply stretching your limbs seemed like the most fantastic feat imaginable. She giggled a bit as Cresent floated downwards. "Do not get carried away, my friend." she gathered her luggage and convinced Sharfezahn to enter his cat-carrier as she continued, "You remind me of the tourist. After a few weeks, I think your eyes will not be so big. At least, not from the stone castle." She tried to look calm and unimpressed by the large structure. Her homeland held so many castles, she would feel silly to be as excited as the foreigners. Night practically skipped out of the train, though, anticipating magical antics and excitement to fill the comming days. "Oh, I wonder how we will be assigned houses. Do you know how it works, Cresent?" She hoped they could be in the same house, as it suddenly dawned on her that she'd soon be expected to co-habitate with many ponies she didn't know. Hiding her anxiety, she secretly wondered if she'd even be able to sleep that night.
  6. Hurt feelings are kind of a difficult thing for me to talk about. I'm an aircraft maintainer in the US Air Force. Most of my coworkers are male, and our shifts are 12 hours long. In this kind of environment, 'hurt feelings' aren't really talked about. At best, you get absolute, unemotional professionalism. At worst, you get offensive remarks waved off as "just jokes" or "don't take it personally" so the problem only gets worse. Personally, I try to avoid confrontation, so unfortunately my case usually becomes less 'show kindess' and more just 'avoid anger/sadness'. I like to think that people in school have more options, because they're not boxed into the label of either "useless girly-girl" or "evil witch".
  7. "Of course, Shadow, we wouldn't want you to rust." she grinned at her little joke, but suddenly let it fall, "Sorry, I hope that's not a rude thing to say. To be honest, I've never encountered such machinery, it's amazing." She stretched her own wings a bit, giving a small flutter, but barely lifting from the ground. She let herself fall with an exhausted sigh. "Even if they require more maintenance, your wings are definitely more durable than mine." she started down the road toward town, "Anyway, if you would like to walk with me, maybe we can find out more about each other. Besides, being alone in a new place feels quite strange to me and I'd feel much better if somepony was with me. Let me know which shadows to run away from and which I can talk to."
  8. Though Night Shine tried not to, she couldn't help but blush a little at his praise, "I did this often at home. Sharfe did not like my little brother." The cat was staring at Cresent, but didn't move from his place, idly digging claws into a tiny stuffed rat toy. When she watched him scratch his head, her mind wandered to how exactly the bones and muscles must be put together in the bat-wings. It took a long moment of silence before she remembered that he had asked her a question. "Blood magic?..." she shook her head slowly, translating it in her head, trying to remember if she had read it somewhere. The cat got out of the way as she went to look through her luggage again. Somehow, Sharfe managed to keep his eyes locked on Cresent as he moved. Night Shine pulled a book out and set it beside her as she flipped the pages. Sharfe took the opportunity to move, and take a new spot on the floor between the two ponies. "I do not have access to many magic texts, but I have this... index." Night began to mumble to herself as she read. "Ah, 'Eine seltene'-" she stopped reading abruptly, ducking her head reflexively, "er... sorry..." when she began reading again, it was more slowly, " 'A rare... style... of magic, made by only few.' " she read the next few lines silently, mumbling a bit to herself, then shook her head, "Not much information. I think the book is not always accurate. It mentions vampire and .... Blutkreislauf ...ehm... blood..." she gestured from her heart, along her foreleg, to her hoof and back, looking a the ceiling as she thought of how to get the meaning out in words, embarassed that her english had gotten so bad, "From heart, through body."
  9. Night Shine smiled, and proceeded to apply the antiseptic, expertly dabbing it around the deeper scratches before applying the gauze and adhesive. "It will not bleed for long. You should leave the bandage until later tonight to protect from infection."She finished quickly, absently listening to him talk about magic and heat, She thought about it while she put her kit back together. "I expect that keeping warm would be easy with magic. Is not very hard without magic." She finished repacking her things and took her seat across from Cresent. "Your mother made magic every day? That sounds like an amazing life."
  10. "Oh?" Night Shine said, really only barely listening as she searched for the first aid kit, "He would not let me leave alone. My parents do not like him very much, anyway. I think they were glad to be rid of him." As if he knew he was being talked about, the cat began to squirm a bit. Night Shine gave him a little attention, and set him aside with some toy for him to be distaracted with. She finallly got the first aid kit and prepared the antiseptic and band-aids. After a year and a half of practice, the activity was second nature to her. Once she had her things ready, she motioned for Crescent to present his hoof, "Before I begin, let me know if you have any alergies."
  11. Night Shine shifted her weight, a bit nervous about talking to a bat-pony. He seemed so special, but she was only an earth pony, muggle born. Everyone notices bat-ponies, while she would normally blend into the background. She stopped fidgeting and smiled when she discovered they had something in common, something concrete to steer the conversation toward. "This is my first year too, Cresent. It is good to meet you." She reached out her hoof to shake, but hesitated as she noticed the scratches, frowning. "Oh, sorry about that... I have a first aid kit in my luggage." she turned and gestured toward the little room where she had been seated, "Is just over there." Sharfezahn seemed unhappy about his perch being jostled about, but Night Shine didn't seem to notice the claws coming out, just a little, to get a better grip.
  12. I did know that. I believe there was one crossover where they were both captured. the cage was made of some kind of yellow wood, so neither of them could affect it
  13. Night Shine sighed, taking a deep breath before reaching out to take her cat. "Thank you, sir, thank you very much." After some precise rubbing and skritching, Night Shine got Sharfe to calm down. She looked sheepishly at the bat pony, trying not to stare at his wings, "oh, my name is Night Shine, and this trouble-maker is Sharfezahn. He is not normally like this, though. I think he just misses hunting in the barn." The lean cat went grudgingly onto his owner's back. He lounged there, idly batting at her mane.
  14. The Green Lantern. Other people seem to dislike him, and I don't understand. "Yellow is his weakness? That's dumb." No, it's not dumb, it's unique. Besides, the newer comics explain the weakness and allow him to overcome it. "What is with all of these other colors? They call it the emotional spectrum, but most are not emotions at all." okay, that's sort of valid, but I don't really care about the other colors. I will concede that MLP's elements of harmony did it better. I like the fact that his power is, basically, courage and imagination. I also like the fact that he was a test pilot and part of the Us Air Force. Finally, I think I just really really like the idea of the Green Lantern Corps. Inter-planetary cops sound awesome. Just don't think too much about logistics and changing laws between countries/planets
  15. Night Shine sighed as she heard the whistle blow. She set her bookmark and looked out the window and stared as the train began to move. "Auf viedersehen." she whispered to the train station. She felt as if they were leaving the normal world behind, as if this train leaving the station was the point of no return, surely nothing would be the same afterwards. Sharfezahn dropped from his perch to rub against her chest and pur. Night Shine smiled and bent her head to nuzzle him. "Alles gut..." she opened her mouth to speak again, but remembered she should keep brushing up on the language they would be speaking at school, "It is okay. I feel better when you are with me." She tried to have a good time not thinking about the future, and paging through her book. After a little while, the cat twitched his ears and started pacing. When that didn't get his owner's attention, he yowled and pawed at the door. "What is it, Scharfe?" Night Shine looked confusedly at her cat and reached down to hold him back. If she opened the door just a crack to have a peek outside, she thought it would be safe. It seemed Sharfezahl was more anxious than she expected, though, and darted into the hall as soon as the door was slid the tiniest bit open. She immediately ran after, "Sharfe! Teufelkatze! Come here!"
  16. Daisy leaned closer, trying to see more clearly what Shadow was doing with his wing. "Fascinating..." she mused, "wonder if you also need to keep it oiled." she thought in silence for a long moment, then, eventually realizing that she may have been rude by staring. "Anyway," she said, taking a step back, "I should get into town, maybe there's some place I can get cleaned up. This trip has got me feeling all dusty and muggy."
  17. Night Shine kept her attention firmly centered on her book as the other students boarded the train. Reading helped her avoid making conversation. She had found an empty room to sit in and tuned the rest of the world out when she opened her book. If she was lucky, she could read in peace all the way to school. Besides, reading kept her mind off of worrying what might happen and what other students might think of her. She was reading one of her favorite books, Modern Astrology. She had always found it interesting how the movement of stars could tell one what a pony might find in her future. Her cat, Scharfezahn, lounged on the luggage rack above. He'd been lazy and apparently depressed since they left the country. Night Shine could only suppose that it was because he had no barn to hunt rats in.
  18. It sounds like you want to have the story with Nightmare Moon winning. So the timeline goes like this: Filly Twilight is in hiding in Ponyville with Cadence and Shining Armor At some point, Twilight somehow frees Nightmare Moon Nightmare Moon usurps Celestia and creates eternal night Then you lost me.. stuff happens? I'm a little turned off by the fact that you seem to not want to use the other 6 main characters. If Twilight Sparkle is doing everything herself, the story doesn't need the other ponies, especially since she still has her brother and Cadence. Nightmare Moon as evil dictator and ShadowBolts as her army of enforcers all sound really cool, though. Let me know if I got anything wrong
  19. Those of you who remember Rescue from Midnight Castle might say that there's not much there to analyze. You're right, there isn't, but when I watched the first episodes of FiM, it didn't take long for me to see the similarities. There are many ways I can handle this, but I think I'll just take it chronologically. First off, we got an introduction to the setting. FiM uses the storybook recitation, and MC just gives us a minute or two of ponies having a normal day. This normal day includes running out of Dream Castle, roller skating, and general froliking about. The important thing I want to mention here is Ember.She is the most adorable little thing, a young earth pony with no cutie mark. She talks to Twilight about her future and Twilight says "You'll grow up to be your own special little pony." **Awwww** I imagine this is where the FiM idea of blank flanks and earning cutie marks comes from. However, in the original, this idea was never expanded upon and Ember, after the Pilot, was never heard from again. Then, we've got the realization and the help. Both shows tell us what the danger is right away. Twilight Sparkle discovers it in a book, while the ponies of Dream Castle experience it first hand. The dragon-things attack immediately after 80s Twilight's talk with Ember. While FiM Twilight comes to Ponyville and helps knowingly and willingly, Firefly steals Megan away to help, without the girl knowing what's going on. In FiM, the Ponyvillers are the ones who don't know the danger. Once all of the Ponyvillers discover what is happening, another big similarity becomes clear: both villains have the same goal of everlasting night. So we have both groups going on a journey to find the MacGuffin that will defeat the villain. On both journeys there is a chasm and a river and a water-dwelling creature. The Twilight team finds their own strength, while the Megan team finds the Moochick and his 'Rainbow of Light'. Yup, the 80s ponies have relatively little talent, aside from unicorn magic and Firefly's 'double inside out loop' they are unskilled.... but they have a lot of courage, I guess. The final fight brings, for me, the best comparisons and contrasts. In both versions, there is transformation and rainbow tornado. Scorpan, who I had a little girl crush on for some reason, transformed from a monster into a human prince (who is never heard from again) and all the guards and animals and transformed ponies are returned (presumably) to their original forms. In FiM, only Luna transformed, unless you count the mane 6 'Avatar State'. Both the Elements of Harmony and the Rainbow of Light defeat the villain by surrounding it with colors, tornado style. I just love Rainbow Tornado. So that's it. The first episodes of both series are almost the same thing, see? Only you don't need to take into account most of the events of Midnight Castle when watching the rest of the series. 80s MLP had little to no continuity: the same ponies were there, but the focus wasn't on a small group of friends but whichever random ponies they wanted the episode to be about. Pretty much the only constantly recurring elements are Megan, the Rainbow of Light, and Spike.
  20. "Ponyville?.. I've never heard of this place before." she frowned, looking around again for anything familiar, "I must be farther away from Flutter Valley than I thought." She took a moment to think on his question. Where was she trying to go? She was sure of where she wanted not to be. When she left home, all she could think of was her own sadness and frustration. "I.. suppose this Ponyville is as good a place for a new start as any." AS she was trying to think of what to say next, she was distracted by the bolt-turning, and said quietly "Shadow Beast... what are you doing?"
  21. Working on a Computer Science MS with Software Engineering specialty. Kind of wish I could go back to undergrad and do more programming instead of project management stuff. I originally wanted to make video games, but I find myself absorbing a lot of theory recently, as opposed to specific coding skills.
  22. " Oh.. uhm.. likewise, friend." Daisy fidgeted for a moment, trying not to stare. Perhaps creatures like him are common around here, she didn't want to be rude. "My name is DaisyDream, I'm not from around here and I'm afraid I'm a little bit lost. Can you tell me where we are?"
  23. G5, if it happens, will happen 10-20 years from now. maybe a LITTLE bit sooner. at any rate, I think Lauren Faust will have moved on to something else by then. Perhaps history will repeat itself and some young fan of FiM will be the creator of the next good MLP show. That could mean one of you, reading this, right now.
  24. Oblivious of silent shadows around her, Daisy continued down the path. She did notice one of them moving, and stopped to stare, wondering if it was some sort of illusion. 'It can't be real' she thought, closing her eyes and shaking the image out of her head. She desperately needed the living darkness to not be real, she was exhausted and hungry. ... and... someone else was nearby. She perked her ears and raised her wings as she heard something further off. Like someone was speaking. Fear gripped her, and froze her legs, which she took as a prequel to confrontation. "H-hello, out there!" she called to the non-existent living shadow, and disembodied noise, "I mean no harm"