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  1. Usually only when driving, though I swear all radio stations have a set time where they all go to commercials at the same time.
  2. Not really, my Youtube liked playlist is mainly music Spotify doesn't have, and funny videos that I want to find again.
  3. Minion from Twisted Metal: Black. You spend most of the fight just circling him, trying to stock up on weapons just to TRY to destroy his forcefield. After the forcefield is down, he's pathetic as a boss, but trying to destroy all 4 panels to get rid of the forcefield is a pain.
  4. DixonTheAdversary

    General Media Wasted characters.

    The 400 Days characters from Telltale's Walking Dead. The only one to make a little bit of an impact to the story was Bonnie, while the others only had like one speaking role after the 400 Days DLC.
  5. My family has a pool, we were lucky to get a little bit of chlorine, which should last us through the summer.
  6. I feel like reboots are always worse than the originals, so we don't need any more reboots.
  7. I never really drank Mountain Dew, maybe only a few times when I was a kid. I know I drank the original flavor, as well as the orange flavor, but I honestly couldn't tell you what they tasted like.
  8. I've used it a little bit, and found it to still be slower than Chrome.
  9. War At Sanity's End - Scythelord
  10. I believe schooling should be mandatory, at least up until Middle School. If you struggle through Elementary and Middle school, then High School isn't gonna be any easier for you.
  11. I usually just end up closing my eyes again, to try and get just a little more sleep.
  12. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due - Megadeth
  13. A couple of my favorite ones:
  14. First system I ever had, so it holds a special spot in my heart.
  15. Free Fire Zone - Metal Inquisitor
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