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About Me

Hello there! I see you've found my Profile. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ben The Brony.


I am a Computer Repairman, Gamer, and Brony. I also enjoy talking to others, and love to make Friends.


I found MLP: FiM through my Buddy. I had noticed subtle references to the show around the Internet, but had mostly disregarded them. When my buddy showed me Episodes 1 and 2 of Season 1, I thought to myself "Why would I watch this show", but the Episodes got me curious as to what the show held. I sat down the next day, and watched each and every episode from Seson 1 Episode 3 to Season 4 Episode 26. I was hooked, the show had drawn me in.


I found out later about the Community, and just how large it is. I started out by talking to people on Skype and Steam, and even Omegle, where I met many friends. I have built up a reputation by being Trustworthy, and Understanding in others times of need.


I try my best to be Polite and Kind, but also Funny and Care-Free. I love to make others Laugh, and be happy. If you'd like to be friends, add me on here, Skype, or Steam. I'm always there for my Friends, and I can always be there for you!