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  1. Noticed your doing stuff again. Wassup?

  2. Happy birthday! Even though you probably won't see this.. I remember when we would RP together.. Man. Time flies.

  3. Made me smile to see an avatar I made in the birthday box. Happy birthday, man :)

  4. Just played Slender for the first time. I've probably had my share for the next month or two.

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    2. Evilshy


      I didn't find Amnesia very scary, actually. It did have its moments, though.

    3. Pinkie Diane Pie

      Pinkie Diane Pie

      OMGOMGOMG SLENDERZ! My fave-- and I dont think anypony had heard, but my fave map is


    4. Leslichu


      Just wait, I hear Slender Arrival is supposed to drop sometime soon

  5. Well, got into my first ever car accident today. I escaped relatively unscathed, save a friction burn from the airbag.

    1. WildCard


      Thank god you are fine!

      I had a car accident almost 3 years ago that I survived uninjured

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      I've had a few near-misses... and only two were caused by me.

    3. Dimitri Hammer

      Dimitri Hammer

      I've never been in a car accident, but I've almost died on several occasions...most are unmentionable.

  6. Never before have I wanted something so much.
  7. Granted, he becomes so good that he was never defeated in the first place, and took over all of Equestria. I wish I could figure out why I can't watch S3E1.
  8. I've noticed a lot of people don't know this, or maybe it's just me, but if you need a site to watch S3E1,

  9. Just over 16 hours until season 3!!!!! I almost can't stand the wait!!!!!

    1. Literally Snails

      Literally Snails

      Use coffee. If you sleep you might miss it!

  10. Daniel looked back up at Thalia as she spoke, listening to her question. "You could say that." He said simply, trying not to lead any information he wanted to withhold. He then turned his head back to it's original position, contemplating his next move, thinking about both the rewards and the consequences. As he made up his mind, he could feel the air between the two getting thicker and thicker, and knew he had to make a decision soon, or risk the conversation whittling away to nothing. He made up his mind, and began to talk again. He concentrated, and as he talked, started to send a tendril of his thoughts to outside the door, prying for anyone who might have been listening up to this point. When he spoke, it was barely a whisper. "The reason I asked you here, Thalia, is because you are the person on this train I trust most, up to this point, other than myself, but only because you're the one I've talked to the most. I needed to make a pact with someone, and you were readily available, so you were chosen. I'm sorry if it inconveniences you, but in order for me to relinquish my reasons, I must know you trust me, as well."
  11. Daniel recoiled slightly as Thalia revealed her eye, trying to look away from it, but at the same time not being able to. In fact, it was if he could feel himself about to fall into it, before she lowered her bangs and broke his line of sight. He replied to her question. "I'll be fine. I usually don't dream anyways." Daniel shook his head, clearing his conscious before continuing. "Since you've told me yours, now I shall tell mine. I'm currently traveling down the path of mastering telepathy. It's the only power I have, but I can use it extremely well. As you already well know, I can project my thoughts into others' minds, as well as read their own thoughts, if I so choose. There is a lot more to it, but it's hard to explain." Daniel put emphasis on the last few words, bringing forth the notion that he was not going to give more information than was given to him. As he had learned from experience, it's sometimes smarter to fold, than to show a royal flush. He had also learned from the same experience that trust is easily broken, and extremely hard to repair. He looked away slightly, a bit sadder than he was the previous minute.
  12. Daniel turned, surprised, as a third-party member entered the room unexpectedly. He assumed it was a member of the staff, until the door fully opened, and he saw another student standing there, addressing them. Daniel's eyes widened when the new person stated he had heard his voice. "I thought I was only projecting towards Thalia, but I guess I didn't fine tune my frequency enough." He thought, mulling everything over. Judging the third-party person again, whom was now spinning in circles, Daniel decided he wouldn't be much threat, someone that could easily be taken out. However, under the circumstances, it would be wise to figure out his power before confronting him. Daniel's eyes widened, and he shuddered as a memory suddenly rushed towards him, originating from the fuzzy areas of his brain. He was running, carrying his nine-year-old form through a dark, forested area, tendrils of dark fog obscuring his vision in any direction. As he ran, his little feet pit-pattering on the ground, he turned his head, staring in fear at the dark figure chasing him. He couldn't make out it's face, but it was definitely not human. It's body was made up of what seemed to be the very same fog that surrounded Daniel, It's eyes a glowing, sunburst purple. As he looked back at it, he failed to notice the tree root in his path, catching his feet, and forcing him to fall to the ground. Daniel quickly turned on his back, and gasped in a breath of air as the beast lept, aiming straight for him.... Daniel jolted back into reality. He hadn't moved, but he had become a bit hotter than normal, sweating slightly, and his eyes were wider than normal. He quickly collected himself, and turned to Thalia, making sure to completely fine tune everything before projecting his thoughts. "It's up to you if he stays or goes, you might know him better than I."
  13. (I was under the impression that even though the meeting was over I could leave early. Sorry. xD) Daniel still sat on the edge of the bed, staring at Thalia, rubbing his chest where her punch had landed. "Even If I did tell the others, It wouldn't have much effect. You see, everyone on this train has a power of their own. That's how we're all connected. This school we're going to, this school for the "Mentally Enlightened", actually means mentally enlightened. I didn't mean to try and threaten you, and I'm sorry if I made you feel that way. My only intentions were to create a pact." He stood up, and walked to the window, looking out of it again. "You are one of the only two people I have actually talked to on this train ride, and so therefore you are more trustworthy than anyone else. However, seeing as how I only know you have a power, and not what it actually is, I wanted to make the terms of the pact as such: We shall know each other's powers, and come to each other's aide if it is needed." Daniel turned and looked back at Thalia, the only thoughts in his mind about the pact. "Do you agree to the terms?"
  14. Just applied for a job at Sheetz. Hope I get it.

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      That makes much more sense.

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      It's a gas station/mini mart kind of thing. It has food as well. Nothing special. It is a rather local thing, for my area.